New Doggy Friends

For a while now I’ve been joining a group of people who get together at the end of the afternoon at the local park with their dogs, so that they can all play together. I’d seen them on my walks through the park with Dakota & Rusty as my usual walking area is under construction. So here are some of Rusty & Dakota’s new friends.



150806-playdate at the park-002


150806-playdate at the park-005


150806-playdate at the park-008


150803-dakota's 7th bday at the park-019

Boheme (the cocker spaniel)


150806-playdate at the park-021

Rocky (the pug) and Molly (the black lab)

150806-playdate at the park-026

Molly & Dakota playing

150806-playdate at the park-034


150806-playdate at the park-039

Bimby , Dakota & Rusty

150803-dakota's 7th bday at the park-014

Doris & Bimby playing

150803-dakota's 7th bday at the park-023

Play fighting between Doris, Dakota and Bimby and Rusty keeping an eye on things :)

150803-dakota's 7th bday at the park-025

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Phoenix Hat

Another test knit completed earlier this year in June this time, and I can’t remember if I showed it off here or not, so here goes. The Phoenix Hat is now available on Ravelry. All proceeds of the sale of this hat go towards buying  necessary items (mostly toiletries) for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit in Cape Town, South Africa.

150607-FO-TK-phoenix hat-002

Sally Jane (aka PinkHairGirl) designed the hat to continue supporting the charity that her daughter Rachel picked out earlier this year. I tested this hat in the Adult XS size and it’s been delivered to it’s lucky recipient. The pattern is very well written, extremely clear to follow and super easy. Definitely great to use with variegated, self striping or solid yarn.

150604-WIP-TK-phoenix hat-003

And modeled by the recipient. (photo courtesy of Fernanda)


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Back in February of this year I got the opportunity to do a test a sweater pattern for Hanna Maciejewska. I’d applied for an adult sweater, but alas my size was already spoken for, however, Hanna asked if I’d be interested in testing a child size sweater. As I still had to make a (late) Christmas present for the daughter of a friend, I thought it a great opportunity.


above the front, below the back of the sweater/tunic


I accepted the test, chose the size I wanted to do, and set about making the sweater. It has now finally been released through Filcolana’s website and is free. I loved the pattern, very easy to follow. Here are some close-ups of some of the details.

150222-TK-FO-britta-002 150222-TK-FO-britta-004

The recipient was also very happy with her sweater/tunic. (the model in the photo was not the recipient, was she was very kind to model for me)


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Out & About – Maia

150801-joana's 11th b-day photoshoot-001 150801-joana's 11th b-day photoshoot-043 150801-joana's 11th b-day photoshoot-044 150801-joana's 11th b-day photoshoot-096

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Serralves – Part 3 – Artwork by Kids

Serralves often hosts a special exhibit of artwork created by kids. These are some of the pictures I took during my last visit there.

150719-serralves-072 150719-serralves-073 150719-serralves-074 150719-serralves-075 150719-serralves-076 150719-serralves-077 150719-serralves-078 150719-serralves-079 150719-serralves-080 150719-serralves-081 150719-serralves-082 150719-serralves-083 150719-serralves-084

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Botanical Gardens in Porto – Part 2

Some more photos taken at the Botanical Gardens in Porto.

150725-botanical gardens porto-063 150725-botanical gardens porto-066 150725-botanical gardens porto-068

The photo above shows a Giant Bird of Paradise plant, unfortunately it wasn’t in flower at the time.

150725-botanical gardens porto-069 150725-botanical gardens porto-071 150725-botanical gardens porto-072 150725-botanical gardens porto-073 150725-botanical gardens porto-076 150725-botanical gardens porto-079 150725-botanical gardens porto-084 150725-botanical gardens porto-089 150725-botanical gardens porto-090 150725-botanical gardens porto-091 150725-botanical gardens porto-098 150725-botanical gardens porto-106 150725-botanical gardens porto-115 150725-botanical gardens porto-137


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Ovelha Negra’s Summer KAL

Ovelha Negra decided to do a KAL to promote their recently released Olívia yarn. They decided on the lovely top by La Maison Rililie, SpliTTop. At first I didn’t know if I was going to join the KAL or not, as I have plenty on the needles, and I recently started another sweater, did I really want two sweaters/tops on the needles at the same time?!?!?!

ovelhanegra-olivia-34-4x-2015.07.25 ovelhanegra-olivia-50-1x-2015.07.25

Well, I really liked the top they chose to knit for the KAL, and having seen Joana’s finished one, I decided I’d like my own version. So at the last minute, the day before the trip to the Botanical Gardens, I sent them an email asking them to please bring along the necessary skeins so I could join the KAL.

150726-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-002

There are a total of 33 participants in this KAL, all making this top, and all using a variety of colour combinations. It only took me a week to complete, and I really enjoyed knitting it. The yarn is great, I’m not a great cotton fan, but this combination of cotton/merino is a delight to work with, I’ll definitely be using it again in the future.

150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-003 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-009 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-005 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-008 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-006

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Botanical Gardens in Porto – Part 1

Last month, Ovelha Negra organized a guided tour of the Botanical Gardens in Porto, followed by a picnic and the start of a KAL (more on that in another post).

150725-botanical gardens porto-010 150725-botanical gardens porto-024 150725-botanical gardens porto-028 150725-botanical gardens porto-029 150725-botanical gardens porto-030 150725-botanical gardens porto-033 150725-botanical gardens porto-034 150725-botanical gardens porto-035 150725-botanical gardens porto-042 150725-botanical gardens porto-043 150725-botanical gardens porto-044 150725-botanical gardens porto-046 150725-botanical gardens porto-051 150725-botanical gardens porto-053 150725-botanical gardens porto-054 150725-botanical gardens porto-055 150725-botanical gardens porto-056 150725-botanical gardens porto-057

It was a great morning spent learning about the Botanical Gardens (my very first visit) in the company of very nice (knitter) friends.


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Serralves – Part 2

Some more photos from my recent visit to Serralves.

150719-serralves-041 150719-serralves-045 150719-serralves-048 150719-serralves-051 150719-serralves-055 150719-serralves-059 150719-serralves-062 150719-serralves-067 150719-serralves-069

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Presents from South Africa

Even though my Birthday was 2 months ago, I still keep receiving gifts. Thank you Justine for making me this lovely scarf and earrings, I love them :)

150726-presents from justine-001 150726-presents from justine-002 150726-presents from justine-004 150726-presents from justine-005 150726-presents from justine-006

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