Laura Jones

Finished Laura’s Jones Cardigan and handed it over last Saturday, only mods I made to the original pattern was the shawl collar, made it a lot bigger, width wise and put the buttons to one side.

150228-FO-laura jones-001 150228-FO-laura jones-002 150228-FO-laura jones-003 150228-FO-laura jones-004

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Mr. P’s Mitts

A pair of mittens in the works.

150222-WIP-mr P mitts-001 150301-WIP-mr. P's mitts-001

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Knitting Get Together February

Yesterday was day spent knitting with friends. In the morning I spent some time at Ovelha Negra. Saw the new Louisa Harding Yarns Azalea and Noema

150228-LYS-louisa harding yarn-001 150228-LYS-louisa harding yarn-002 150228-LYS-louisa harding yarn-003 150228-LYS-louisa harding yarn-004

Fernanda was giving a workshop on Brioche knitting, teaching the basics.

150228-workshop brioche-001 150228-workshop brioche-002 150228-workshop brioche-003 150228-workshop brioche-004 150228-workshop brioche-005

In the afternoon I went to the monthly knitting get together at Arcadia cafe, I spent more time knitting and talking than actually taking photos.

150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-001

Three different mitered blankets all in one place.

150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-002 150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-004 150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-005 150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-006

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CPF 3rd Edition – January

Yarn Adventures BFL DK, 225m/100g in color 404-CPF3-5.

150215-yarn stash-001 150215-yarn stash-002 150215-yarn stash-003 150215-yarn stash-004 150215-yarn stash-011

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Button Stash Enhancement

141123-buttons-001 141123-buttons-002 141123-buttons-003 141123-buttons-004 141123-buttons-005 141123-buttons-007 150215-button stash-001 150215-button stash-002 150215-button stash-003 150215-button stash-004 150215-button stash-005 150215-button stash-006

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Two hats recently off the needles and which have already found their way to a very grateful owner.

150207-FO-isabel's hats-002 150207-FO-easy peasy too-004 150207-FO-light grey dustland-002

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Victoria & Zauberball combinations

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-055 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-056 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-057 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-058 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-059 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-060 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-061 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-062

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Some other yarn that had recently arrived at Ovelha, was the various types of Zauberball by Schoppel. I’ll just leave you with the pictures, I think they speak for themselves.

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-009 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-010 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-011 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-012 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-013 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-014 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-015 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-016 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-017 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-018

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At the Beach

150207-afternoon beach walk-005 150207-afternoon beach walk-007 150207-afternoon beach walk-013 150207-afternoon beach walk-021 150207-afternoon beach walk-018 150207-afternoon beach walk-028 150207-afternoon beach walk-030 150207-afternoon beach walk-050

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Wonderful little dollies filled with lavender being sold at Ovelha, only available in the “physical” shop, not available on-line. Made by Patricia Pedro Afonso.

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-020 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-054 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-064 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-065 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-066

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