Sushi Anyone?

160123-maria jose's projects-008

These were made by the very talented Maria José.

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160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-002160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-027160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-028160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-041

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160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-101160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-102160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-106160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-108160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-110160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-111160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-121160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-136

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People Watching at the Beach

160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-023160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-030160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-042160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-122160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-123160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-124160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-138160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-139

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Doggy’s Favourite Past-time

The Beach obviously, making new friends, chasing waves or each other and finding dead animals.

160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-103160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-105160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-107160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-112160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-125160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-126160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-127160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-129

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Midas 5km Doggy Walk

Midas is a non-profit organization here in Portugal that tries to look after the welfare of abandoned animals, and they organized a doggy walk along the beach in Matosinhos, which I participated in. I believe there were a total of a 130 participants in the walk, so you can imagine what a large group we were all walking our dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Here’s a small sampling of the photos I took of that walk.

160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-001160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-005160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-013160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-015160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-022160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-026160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-036160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-037160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-044160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-053160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-054160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-055160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-063160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-064160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-067160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-068160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-071160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-080160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-081160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-082

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The Left Over Mitered Blanket – Part 4

Last week  I finally managed to take some photos of my finished fourth section of the sock yarn blanket as the weather was cooperating. I actually finished the fourth section on New Year’s Day, but it has been pouring with rain since then, and too dark to take and decent photos.

You can see picture of the 1st section, 2nd section and 3rd section their respective top borders, a side border and center squares, by clicking on the links:

Section 1: started 07-01-2015 / finished 17-01-2015

Top Border: started 09-05-2015 / finished 11-05-2015 (section 1)

Side Border: started 11-05-2015 / finished 16-05-2015

Center Squares: started 16-05-2015 / finished 17-05-2015

Section 2: started 17-05-2015 / finished 24-06-2015

Top Border: started 24-06-2015 / finished 28-06-2015 (section 2)

Section 3: started 01-12-2015 / finished 19-12-2015

Side Borer: started 20-12-2015 / finished 22-12-2015

Section 4: started 27-12-2015 / finished 01-01-2016

160123-WIP-part 4 of blanket-001

So here is the list of yarns I used and a schematic of the order in which I knit Section 4. as usual, block no 1 on the schematic below is actually the bottom right hand corner, and block no. 42 is the top most left hand corner.

288-sock yarn mitered blanket-sections

001 – Regia World Circus Color – 03755 Army – 63g left
002 – Malabrigo Yarn Sock – 805 Alcaucil – 42g left
003 – Malabrigo Yarn Sock – 852 Persia – 43g left
004 -Malabrigo Yarn Sock – 809 Solis – 81g left
005 – Yarn Adventures 570 – 017 Mentha – 50g left

006 – Easyknits – Pebble Splash – 12g left
007 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Dark Petrol – 6g left
008 – My First Regia – 01817 Kevin – 6g left
009 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Pink – 7g left
010 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 288 Dark Chocolate – 27g left
011 – My First Regia – 01890 Claudia – 6g left
012 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 224 Linen – 23g left

013 – Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett – Landscape – 0g left (swap with Isabel ES)
014 – Rendezvous Sock Yarn – Precious – 26g left
015 – My First Regia – 01818 Luca – 5g left
016 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 321 Winery – 14g left
017 – Fibres d’Art – Forest – 23g left
018 – Trekking XL – Green – 6g left (swap with Fernanda)
019 -Yarn Adventures Sock – 352 Ink – 38g left
020 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 472 Dirty Jeans – 5g left (Christmas Present from Filomena, pack of 4 minis)
021 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 292 Fireplace – 19g left

022 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 451 Old Boat – 4g left (Christmas Present from Filomena, pack of 4 minis)
023 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 450 Cold Mountain – 5g left (Christmas Present from Filomena, pack of 4 minis)
024 – Yarn Adventures Sock – 452 Caribbean – 5g left (Christmas Present from Filomena, pack of 4 minis)
025 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Yellow -7g left
026 – My First Regia – 01815 Lea – 6g left
027 – Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect – 7117 Cheesecake – 3g left
028 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Dark Green -5g left

029 – Rosarios Merinoland – 12 Medium Grey Blue – 23g left
030 – Drops Fabel – 651 Sand – 13g left
031 – Rosarios Merinoland – 11 Raspberry – 0g left
032 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Black -5g left
033 – Yarn Adventures Sock – Light Blue – 13g left
034 – Dyed by Alfinete – SVA – 3g left
035 – Regia World Color – 06029 Vermont – 8g left
036 – Malabrigo Yarn Sock – 204 Velvet Grapes
037 – Yarn Adventures 570 – 020 Lusco Fusco – 0g left & Dona Maria – 2ply – Mar Calmo – 0g left

038 – Rosarios Merinoland – 19 Salmon, 10 Antique Pink, 05 Light Pink – 0g, 0g, 1g left
039 – Malabrigo Yarn Sock – 810 Cordovan – 10g left
040 – Rendezvous Sock Yarn – Acid – 1 g left
041 – Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin – Dark Bright Blue -5g left
042 – Regia Galaxy Saturn Color – 1582 Prometheus – 1g left & Abuelita yarn 3ply – 4274 Niebla – og left

Now I only have the outside border left to finish, but as I had 2 back-to-back secret test knits going on, the second of which I only just finished yesterday I haven’t been able to pick this up. And now as it happened I have just been asked to participate in another secret test knit, I won’t be working on this blanket for the next month or so. But I’m happy that the main part is done.



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Hermione’s Winter Night

My first completed project for 2016. Started and finished in January. A new pair of socks using Regia’s Design Line by Arne & Carlos in the Winter Night (col. 3658) colorway, with 2.25mm needles and the Hermione’s Every Day sock pattern.

160116-FO-Hermione's Winter Night-001160116-FO-Hermione's Winter Night-002160116-FO-Hermione's Winter Night-003

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Star Night

The last project I finished in 2015, a pair of socks I managed to squeeze out of one 50g ball of Schachenmayr Regia’s Design Line by Arne & Carlos in colorway 3653 Star Night.

151224-star night socks-001

I had originally planned to make the Rose City Rollers but as I only had one ball of yarn I wasn’t sure if I could squeeze out a pair, now I know I can.

151224-star night socks-002

I started toe-up with my standard toe-up sock pattern on 2mm needles and I decided to give Two-At-A-Time (TAAT) a go, however it was too tedious, so I put one one some DPNs and knit passed the heel and then switched and did the same on the other one at which point I went back to TAAT to use up every single last bit of my yarn.

151227-FO-star night-002151227-FO-star night-005151227-FO-star night-004

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2016 Projects – Friesland Blanket

I fell in love with this blanket the moment I saw it, I’d already fallen in love with the original version, Persian Dreams, but the simplicity of using just two colors really appeals to me. The other reason that Friesland by Jenise Hope appeals to me is because of the years I lived in The Netherlands and my love of the Delft Blue ware on which this two-colour version is based on.

(photo taken from the pattern page on Ravelry)

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Persian Dreams which is absolutely gorgeous as well, I hope to make this one some time in the future as well.

(photo taken from pattern page on Ravelry)

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