Rua Miguel Bombarda – Tiles

Some of the tiles that grace the facade of buildings down Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto.

151114-rua miguel bombarda-008 151114-rua miguel bombarda-010 151114-rua miguel bombarda-011 151114-rua miguel bombarda-013 151114-rua miguel bombarda-030 151114-rua miguel bombarda-032 151114-rua miguel bombarda-034 151114-rua miguel bombarda-045

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Rua Miguel Bombarda – Artwork

Some more artwork along Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto.

151114-rua miguel bombarda-003 151114-rua miguel bombarda-005 151114-rua miguel bombarda-006 151114-rua miguel bombarda-012 151114-rua miguel bombarda-018 151114-rua miguel bombarda-019 151114-rua miguel bombarda-020 151114-rua miguel bombarda-021 151114-rua miguel bombarda-024 151114-rua miguel bombarda-026 151114-rua miguel bombarda-029 151114-rua miguel bombarda-033 151114-rua miguel bombarda-037 151114-rua miguel bombarda-038 151114-rua miguel bombarda-039 151114-rua miguel bombarda-040 151114-rua miguel bombarda-041 151114-rua miguel bombarda-042 151114-rua miguel bombarda-043 151114-rua miguel bombarda-044 151114-rua miguel bombarda-048 151114-rua miguel bombarda-049 151114-rua miguel bombarda-050

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Rua Miguel Bombarda – Costah

There’s a new artist around town brightening up the streets of Porto, Costah.

151114-rua miguel bombarda-001 151114-rua miguel bombarda-002

151114-rua miguel bombarda-009

151114-rua miguel bombarda-016 151114-rua miguel bombarda-025

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LYS – Ovelha Negra

Photos taken during my last visit to Ovelha Negra.

151114-LYS-ovelha negra-001

Here is Dona Amelia, big sister to Amelia, a wonderful tweed yarn produced for Ovelha Negra.

151114-LYS-ovelha negra-002 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-003

Some new Regia Sock Yarn that came in, I’m loving the colors…

151114-LYS-ovelha negra-004 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-005 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-006

Two lovely pillows created by Maria David from Oficina das Malhas¬†using Ovelha Negra’s own Victoria yarn in a wonderful color & pattern combination.

151114-LYS-ovelha negra-007 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-008 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-009

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Rua Miguel Bombarda – Hazul

Artwork by Hazul on Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto, Portugal

151114-rua miguel bombarda-017151114-rua miguel bombarda-036

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On Saturday morning when I popped into Ovelha Negra for a little bit, Tita was there teaching a weaving class. Here are some of her wonderful works of art she brought along to show what one can do with weaving.

If you’re interested in taking her workshop, she will be at Ovelha Negra again on Friday November 20 from 14.00 until 18.00, please contact the shop to sign up for this workshop.

And now without further ado…..

151114-LYS-ovelha negra-010 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-011 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-012 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-013 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-014 151114-LYS-ovelha negra-015

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Autumn – A Variety of Mushrooms

151107-the farm-006 151107-the farm-008 151107-the farm-010 151107-the farm-014 151107-the farm-016 151107-the farm-017 151107-the farm-034 151107-the farm-040 151107-the farm-042 151107-the farm-043 151107-the farm-050

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FO Mpunga Igilavu

151105-FO-mpunga igilavu-001 151105-FO-mpunga igilavu-003

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A Spider’s Web

151107-the farm-002 151107-the farm-005 151107-the farm-035 151107-the farm-046 151107-the farm-047

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Stitch Markers

Some new stitch markers, all currently available.

151107-stitch markers-001 151107-stitch markers-002 151107-stitch markers-003 151107-stitch markers-004 151107-stitch markers-005 151107-stitch markers-006

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