Test Knit – Inspiration Shawl

Until the pattern is officially published, I can only show the yarn I’m using.

150524-WIP-TK-inspiration shawl-001

Dyed by Alfinete Sul in Teal & Teal/Green Mix

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Bolas de Tons – é Lã! Portuguesa

Bolas de Tons also has their own in-house yarn called é Lã! Portuguesa, 100% Portuguese Merino in gorgeous colours.

150523-LYS-bolas de tons-006 150523-LYS-bolas de tons-007

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True Friends x2

Two different version of the True Friend Sweater by Veera Valimaki, mine and Joana B. Both of us are still in the process of finishing them, although Joana B. is slight further as she already has one sleeve completed, and I still have both of them to do.

150516-WIP-persian sea glass-001 150516-WIP-persian sea glass-002 150516-WIP-persian sea glass-004 150516-WIP-persian sea glass-005

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WWKIP 2015 – Aveiro

This year we’ll be having our WWKIP in Aveiro, we’ll be joining knitters from all over Portugal on Saturday the 13th of June at the Parque dos Amores (at the top end of the Parque Infante D.Pedro). We’ll be there from 15.00 onwards. Come join us, the more the merrier.


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Lovely Gift

I got this gorgeous “bag” from my friend Fernanda :)

150510-gift from Fernanda-001 150510-gift from Fernanda-002 150510-gift from Fernanda-003


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FO Twilight Socks

My finished socks, ready for next winter.

150510-FO-twilight-001 150510-FO-twilight-002 150510-FO-twilight-003 150510-FO-twilight-004 150510-FO-twilight-005

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WIP True Friend

Here’s the sweater I’m working on right now. I love this construction!!! Just the ribbing at the bottom and the sleeves left to do.

150510-WIP-persian sea glass-001 150510-WIP-persian sea glass-002 150510-WIP-persian sea glass-003

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FO Japan Love

So I ended up having to rip out quite a bit at the bottom, because the sweater was way too long, but now it’s the perfect length and ready to wear. I’m super pleased with this.

150510-FO-japan love-002

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Some photos I took on Saturday while I was in Braga.

150509-braga-001 150509-braga-002 150509-braga-003 150509-braga-004 150509-braga-005 150509-braga-006 150509-braga-007 150509-braga-008 150509-braga-009 150509-braga-010 150509-braga-011 150509-braga-012 150509-braga-013 150509-braga-014 150509-braga-015 150509-braga-016 150509-braga-017 150509-braga-018 150509-braga-019 150509-braga-020 150509-braga-021 150509-braga-022 150509-braga-023 150509-braga-024 150509-braga-025

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Braga Get together

Yesterday I joined some friends in Braga for their monthly knitting get together. I had a really good time, the place we were at was fantastic, I’ll have to get some better photos next time.

150509-encontro braga-001 150509-encontro braga-002 150509-encontro braga-003 150509-encontro braga-004 150509-encontro braga-005 150509-encontro braga-006

Since the weather was so good, we had a table set up outside where we enjoyed the fresh air, drinks, and great company, including several kitties walking around. Thank you ladies for inviting me and making me feel welcome in your group.

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