March Get Together

It was another enjoyable Saturday with friends. This is what I did yesterday afternoon.

150328-encontro de marco-002 150328-encontro de marco-004

Maria José is obviously already in the Easter spirit as she produced these gorgeous little rabbits, pattern can be gotten here (it is polish, but if you scroll down a bit, you can find a picture showing how to put together the bunny), there is also a free download version on the Rowan site by Vicky Sedgwick.

150328-encontro de marco-005 150328-encontro de marco-006

Ok, so I did more knitting and talking than actually taking photos.

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Serralves – Monika Sosnowska – Part 1

Serralves Exhibit: Monika Sosnowska – Architectonisation from February 20th through May 31st, 2015


Monika Sosnowska was born in Poland in 1972. She studied at the Art Academy in Poznan as well as at the Rijskakademie in Amsterdam between 1999-2000. Monika was the resident artist at Atelier Calder, Sache, France in 2014; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin in 2004 and S-AIR, Sapporo, Japan in 2002.

Balustrade (2015)


Facade (2013)


Hole (2006-2008)

150308-serralves-005 150308-serralves-007 150308-serralves-008

Handle (2007)


L-Profiles (2008)

150308-serralves-026 150308-serralves-027


150308-serralves-025 150308-serralves-028 150308-serralves-030

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Serralves – Oskar Hansen

Serralves Exhibit: Oskar Hansen – Open Form from January 30th through May 3rd, 2015

150308-serralves-071 150308-serralves-072 150308-serralves-073 150308-serralves-074 150308-serralves-075 150308-serralves-076 150308-serralves-077 150308-serralves-078 150308-serralves-079 150308-serralves-080 150308-serralves-083 150308-serralves-084 150308-serralves-085 150308-serralves-086 150308-serralves-087 150308-serralves-088 150308-serralves-089

Oskar Hansen was a Polish architect (1922-2005)

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Sandy Brown Blanket

In the process of designing a new blanket using simple garter stitch and some mitered squares, this is the prototype so far, I’ll be having this test knit later in the year.

150301-WIP-mini log cabin in brown-001 150311-WIP-sandy brown blanket-001 150311-WIP-sandy brown blanket-003 150311-WIP-sandy brown blanket-004 150311-WIP-sandy brown blanket-005

Yarn used: Garnstudio Drops Fabel in 101 Beige, 103 Blue, 300 Dark Brown and 651 Sand, available at Bolas de Tons and Tricot das Cinco.


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Serralves – Can the Museum be a Garden

Between February 6th and April 26th, 2015, Serralves is showing some pieces from its collection and asking the question, Can the Museum also be a Garden? During this period the museum is showing Winter/Spring, the Spring/Summer Exhibit will be shown from April 29th through September 13th.

150308-serralves-051 150308-serralves-052 150308-serralves-053 150308-serralves-054 150308-serralves-055 150308-serralves-056 150308-serralves-057 150308-serralves-059 150308-serralves-060 150308-serralves-061 150308-serralves-065 150308-serralves-067


With pieces from the following artists:

Vasco Araujo, Richard Artschwager, Herbert Brandl, Stanley Brouwn, Lourdes Castro, Rui Chafes, Charles Darwin, Jan Dibbets, Fischli & Weiss, Simone Forti, Hamish Fulton, Mario Garcia Torres, Hans Haacke, Jasper Johns, Ana Jotta, Raoul de Keyser, Anselm Kiefer, Alvaro Lapa, Louise Lawler, Miguel Leal, Ree Morton, Juan Munoz, Lucia Nogueira, Luis Noronha da Costa, Lygia Pape, Sigmar Polke, Robert Smithson, Angelo de Sousa, Paul Thek, Richard Tuttle

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150301-WIP-melody monster-002 150307-WIP-purplea-001 150307-WIP-purplea-002

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CPF 3rd Edition – February

February was the month of Dyed by Alfinete. I got a lovely rainbow, I know exactly what I’m going to use this yarn for, I just need to find one more colour to match.

150307-yarn-013 150307-yarn-014 150307-yarn-015 150307-yarn-016 150307-yarn-017 150307-yarn-018 150307-yarn-019 150307-yarn-020 150307-yarn-021 150307-yarn-022 150307-yarn-023 150307-yarn-024 150307-yarn-025

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Cape Point Dona Maria Style

So here’s the completed cowl that I made with the yarns I received from Rosario. Oh and I forgot to mention that the pattern is Cape Point Cowl by Sally-Jane Cameron (PinkHairGirl on Ravelry). Sally-Jane is South African and she created a lovely book of knitting patterns called Mzansi: South Africa on My Needles. I want to knit every single one of the patterns in the book. I love it, it reminds me of my time in South Africa and brings back a lot of memories. So here is the first pattern, made even more special because I used handspun given to me by my friend.

150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-001 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-001 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-007 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-008 150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-001 150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-005 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-001 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-002 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-003 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-005


I used as much as possible of the handspun, and this is what was left over, these “scraps” will be used in my “Left Over Blanket”.


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Project Bags

150301-project bags-001 150301-project bags-002 150301-project bags-003 150301-project bags-006 150301-project bags-007 150301-project bags-008 150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-002 150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-003 150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-004

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