Knitting Get Together September

On the 26th of September we had our monthly get together, here are some photos, taken by the very talented J., obrigada :)

150926-encontro setembro-002 150926-encontro setembro-005 150926-encontro setembro-010 150926-encontro setembro-011 150926-encontro setembro-012 150926-encontro setembro-016 150926-encontro setembro-017 150926-encontro setembro-019 150926-encontro setembro-021 150926-encontro setembro-022 150926-encontro setembro-023 150926-encontro setembro-030 150926-encontro setembro-036 150926-encontro setembro-037 150926-encontro setembro-039 150926-encontro setembro-040 150926-encontro setembro-041 150926-encontro setembro-043 150926-encontro setembro-044 150926-encontro setembro-045 150926-encontro setembro-048

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Beans from the Garden

151003-early autumn at the farm-001

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FO – Rainbow Tube

My Rainbow Tube is finally finished. It just needs some buttons sewn on, and I’ve found the perfect ones!!! So here it is without the buttons, while it was still blocking.

150913-FO-rainbow tube-003 150913-FO-rainbow tube-004 150913-FO-rainbow tube-006

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Joji’s Fall KAL 2015 – 1 – Grey & Greens Alpaca

My first project for the KAL Joji Locatelli is hosting on her Ravelry group this year was the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl. I ended up not being very original in my color choices, as I ended up using the pretty much the same colors.

150906-WIP-JFK2015-greys & green-001 150913-FO-JFK2015-01-grey green alpaca-001 150913-FO-JFK2015-01-grey green alpaca-002 150913-WIP-JFK2015-01-greys & green alpaca-002 150913-WIP-JFK2015-01-greys & green alpaca-003

I used up some balls of Garnstudio Drops Alpaca that I’d used in my Cockatoo Brae and a dark grey I had bought some time ago and made a Windswept sweater out of. I used 3mm needles and added more length in the “green” section to use up all the yarn, and added another 2 repeats of the lace section. I did have to use a little bit of another skein of the light grey, but I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out.

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Kaerlig by Ysolda Teague

The first version of Kaerlig mitts by Ysolda Teague from the new Knitworthy 2 collection.

150920-FO-kaerlig for little j-001 150920-FO-kaerlig for little j-002 150920-FO-kaerlig for little j-003 150920-FO-kaerlig for little j-004 150920-FO-kaerlig for little j-006

These were made as the 2nd part of the birthday present for my friends’ daughter who received the Phoenix Hat.

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Ovelha Negra’s Amelia Yarn

As promised, here are the photos of the new Ovelha Negra Yarn, Amelia. I was honored to be asked to photograph the yarn.

150918-ovelha negra-amelia-001 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-002 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-003 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-004 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-005 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-006 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-007 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-008 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-009 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-010 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-011 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-012 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-013 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-014 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-015 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-016 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-017 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-018 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-019 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-020 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-021 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-022 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-023 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-024 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-025 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-026 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-027 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-028 150918-ovelha negra-amelia-029

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6th Anniversary Ovelha Negra & Inauguration Amelia

Last week Sunday the 20th of September, I spent my afternoon at Ovelha Negra with the dogs to celebrate it’s 6th anniversary as well as the inauguration of their brand new yarn, Amelia, a lovely tweedy 100& merino yarn. Here are some of the photos of the party, I’ll put the photos of the yarn in another post.

150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-009 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-016 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-017 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-018 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-022 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-023 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-024 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-025 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-026 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-058 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-059 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-060 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-068 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-070 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-071 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-072 150920-LYS-ON-anniversary & amelia yarn-077

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Foggy Sunday Morning at the Boardwalk

Following a walk on the beach¬†and the park we headed for the boardwalk, as we weren’t quite ready to go home yet. You can see Dakota & Rusty had fun, and they met a whole lot of dogs along this morning walk.

150830-beach park boardwalk river-204 150830-beach park boardwalk river-205 150830-beach park boardwalk river-207 150830-beach park boardwalk river-208 150830-beach park boardwalk river-210 150830-beach park boardwalk river-211 150830-beach park boardwalk river-212 150830-beach park boardwalk river-214 150830-beach park boardwalk river-215 150830-beach park boardwalk river-217 150830-beach park boardwalk river-218 150830-beach park boardwalk river-219 150830-beach park boardwalk river-220 150830-beach park boardwalk river-222 150830-beach park boardwalk river-223 150830-beach park boardwalk river-226


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Sights About Town – Porto

150830-beach park boardwalk river-228 150830-beach park boardwalk river-229 150830-beach park boardwalk river-230 150830-beach park boardwalk river-231 150830-beach park boardwalk river-233 150830-beach park boardwalk river-234 150830-beach park boardwalk river-237 150830-beach park boardwalk river-238 150830-beach park boardwalk river-239 150830-beach park boardwalk river-241 150830-beach park boardwalk river-242 150830-beach park boardwalk river-243 150830-beach park boardwalk river-246

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SpliTTop – Version 2

I liked the SpliTTop I made as part of Ovelha Negra’s first KAL so much, I decided to make another one, but by reversing the colors of the original one I made.

150823-st.andrews wannabe-001

In the meantime I had the brilliant idea of turning this into a tunic/dress, but now I have to wait on yarn as I’ve not got enough of the brown to complete it. But I might have an idea to fix that, it requires me to go back to Ovelha though!!

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