2017 Pinwheel Blanket – Row 1/6 – Block 1/48

Block 1 – Schachenmayr Regia Block


Going counterclock wise starting at the top left, I used the following yarns and amounts in each triangle of this block:


Triangle 1 – Schachenmayr Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos in 3658 Winter Night (930) = 3g = 12.6m / 13.8yds

Triangle 2 – Schachenmayr Regia 4-fädig 4 ply in 4067 Indian Night (1545) = 2g = 8.4m / 9.2yds

Triangle 3 – Regia Design Line Jazz Color Erika Knight in 06445 Flamenco Sketches (61203) = 2g = 8.4m / 9.2yds

Triangle 4 – Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett 4 fädig in 03871 Shadow Stripe (201) = 2g = 8.4m / 9.2yds

Triangle 5 – Regia World Circus Color in 03755 Camouflage (6565) = 3g = 12.6m / 9.2yds


Triangle 6 – Regia Color 4-ply / 4-fädig in 06029 Vermont Colour (69357) = 3g = 12.6m / 13.8yds

Triangle 7 – Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett 4 fädig in 4450 Exotic Color Easter (48446) = 2g = 8.4m / 9.2yds

Triangle 8 – Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect in 7117 Cheesecake (5996) = 2g = 8.4m / 9.2yds



Country Quilt Baby Blanket by Caron

Yarn Used:

See above for specific details.
TOTAL of 19g = 79.8m / 87.4yds

Needles Used:

3mm straights by Sullivan’s Bamboo Knitting Needles 20cm


Each triangle has 650sts

There are 8 triangles in each block
so 8x650sts = 5200sts/block

Associated blog posts: General Information

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2017 Pinwheel Blanket – General Information

At the beginning of this year, on the 3rd of January to be precise, I finally finished my Mitered Square Sock Yarn Blanket. I decided I wanted to start another similar type blanket as I still have a lot of sock yarn left over and will continue to do so as I really like knitting socks. But I didn’t want to do the mitered square again. Some time ago Mina from The Knitting Expat Podcast started a Pinwheel blanket. I quite liked the idea of this pinwheel blanket as it’s smaller squares which then need to be attached to one another. Obviously this blanket was not designed for sock yarn, but I’m following the instructions regardless and my blocks will obviously come out smaller than the original, but I’m ok with that.


I enjoyed knitting the mitered square blanket on my 3mm Prym circulars until they unfortunately broke towards the end of the project, but I substituted them with my 3mm Sullivan’s Bamboo Knitting Needles straights I purchased at Lincraft in Melbourne, Australia when I was there in 2009 visiting a friend. I bought several sizes at the time in their shortest size, which according to the website is 25cm. So I decided to continue with these for this new blanket as well.


After having knit one block I could see that my original plan of 4×5 was not going to be big enough, so I drew up the above schematic and decided on a blanket of 6×8. This is not going to be a queen sized blanket, this is just going to be a lap blanket. I decided that as I don’t really like sewing blocks together, and I quite liked the border idea of my other blanket, that I’m going to be doing a crochet border around each block. I will then use the JAYG (join-as-you-go) method to join the blocks together. As I have quite a lot of yarn left over from the border colour I used in my mitered square blanket, I’ll be using the same yarn, which is Garnstudio Drops Fabel in 107 Navy.


My plan for this blanket is to have it done by the end of the year, but we’ll see how that goes. To not leave all the weaving in of ends to the end (like I did for the other blanket), I’ve decided to knit all the blocks for one row and then weave in ends and attach the blocks to one another.

I will create a separate post per block so as to list all the yarns used in that specific block.



Country Quilt Baby Blanket by Caron

Yarn Used:

A variety of sock yarn for the blocks
Please refer to each individual block post for further information

Garnstudio Drops Fabel in 107 Navy for the border.

Needles Used:

3mm straights by Sullivan’s Bamboo Knitting Needles 20cm


Each triangle has 650sts

There are 8 triangles in each block
so 8x650sts = 5200sts/block

There will be 48 blocks in the blanket
so 48x5200sts = 249.600sts/blanket

Crochet border per block has:
1st block – 212 stitches
rest of row 1 + 1st block of subsequent rows – 264 stitches

All other blocks – 316 stitches
each border section around the block uses approximately 4g = 16.4m / 18yds
TOTAL stitch count = 264040 stitches

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Frosty & Friends




My Frosty Friend by Anna Rauf

Size Made:


Yarn Used:

Garnstudio Drops Lima – 0100 White = 47g = 0.94 skeins = 86.8m / 94.9yds

Garnstudio Drops Lima – 6235 Medium Blue = 33g = 0.66 skeins = 59.1m / 64.7yds

Garnstudio Drops Lima – 5g = 0.10 skeins = 9.2m / 10.1 yds

TOTAL: 85g = 1.7 skeins = 155.1m / 169.7 yds

Needles Used:

4mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the brim

4.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the rest of the hat


6581 stitches

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Flax Gone Wild

This was my second NaKniSweMo entry last year. (NaKniSweMo stands for National-Knit-a-Sweater-in-a-Month). Only adult sweaters are allowed, but you must be able to guarantee a stitch count of 50.000 or above for your FO to actually qualify. Seeing as I wasn’t entering the competition to win any prizes, only for the fun of it, it didn’t matter to me whether or not the sweater actually had the correct stitch count, but I did become curious, so I did tally about the stitch count.

I had 11 days in which to knit a sweater, as I’d spent the first 19 days of the month completing a cardigan, which I’ll post about some time in the future, I still need to get some decent photos of it. So of course I went for a fingering weight yarn, which of course takes longer to knit than a heavier weight yarn. I had 3 balls of Ovelha Negra Ofélia in the 158 Oatmeal colourway and another one in the 427 Orchid colourway (see pictures above) which I’d initially bought to pair with some Holstgarn Supersoft 100% Uld yarn in a variety of colours to make a colourwork infinity cowl, but instead I decided to knit a sweater with it. The Ovelha Negra Ofélia is a 100% wool yarn that might be considered “scratchy” by some people with a more sensitive skin, but I actually quite like it, and I do wear it next to skin and have no issues with it.

The colours of the Holstgarn Supersoft 100% Uld yarn I was planning on using in the cowl were the following:

Oxford, Glacier, Cloudberry, Aquamarine, Damask, Calypso, Sweet Pea, Sage Blue

Seeing as I had all these colours, I decided I should have a go at the Dessine-Moi Un Mouton pattern by La Maison Rililie, but after taking a better look at the picture on Ravelry, I decided against using this pattern because I wasn’t too keen on the neckline, but I did still very much like the idea of all the striping and of the broken seed stitch pattern used. So I needed to start looking for another sweater I could easily modify to add the striping and the stitch pattern of my choice, and then I remembered the Flax Light pattern by Tin Can Knits which came out as a free pattern (and continues to be free) during their Advent in 2015. This happened to be a sweater I’d been meaning to knit as well, so what better way than to combine the two.

(pictures above were taken from the respective pattern pages on Ravelry and do not belong to me)

First thing I had to do was create a gauge swatch as I knew I wanted to use size 4mm needles. Once my gauge swatch was dry, I could set about deciding which size I was going to be knitting, which ended up being the 39” M/L size one according to my gauge swatch. Next on the list of things to do before casting-on was decide the colour sequence, which took some doing and I ended up with two I really liked, but I ended up deciding on using the Oxford for the all the cuffs, the Oatmeal was obviously always going to be the main body colour and then the rest I divided into their respective colour schemes the Purples/Pinks on one side and the Blues/Greens on the other side and then sorted them from the darkest to the lightest colour as best I could. What I did then was start with the darkest to lightest colours from the Purples/Pink group and alternate them with the lightest to darkest colours form the Blues/Greens group ending up with the following sequence: Orchid, Glacier, Cloudberry, Aquamarine, Damask, Calypso, Sweet Pea, Sage Blue. (in the picture below, it’s reversed)


One last thing to do before casting on was figure out how many rows of each colour to knit and how to space them. Was I going to do them all the same width or different widths as in the original Dessine-Moi Un Mouton. I decided on the same width throughout but I didn’t want the stripes to be too wide, so I decided on the number of rows and went from there. Towards the end of the sleeves and the body, I would need to figure out how to reverse the colours so that I wouldn’t have just a plain white section. So on the body I opted for 2 rows per colour, and on the sleeves I did things differently to get the correct length.

170129-FO-flax gone wild-004.jpg

Surprisingly enough this was a really fast sweater to knit, despite using fingering weight yarn. The whole thing only took 9 days from cast-on to bind-off. I am super pleased with the end result, and I’ve worn this sweater several times already, and it’s not even been blocked yet. But as I mentioned earlier on in this post, I quite like the rustic feel of the wool next to my skin. I will eventually block it, but maybe only during the summer, when I won’t actually wear it due to the heat.




22.5 stitches by 31 rows = 10cm / 4 inches in stockinette

Yarn Used:

Ovelha Negra Ofélia – 158 Oatmeal = 136g = 2.72 skeins = 776m / 848.6yds

Ovelha Negra Ofélia – 427 Orchid = 7g = 0.14 skeins = 40.2m / 44yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Oxford = 20g = 0.40 skeins = 114.8m / 125.6yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Glacier = 5g = 0.10 skeins = 28.7m / 31.4yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Cloudberry = 8g = 0.16 skeins = 45.9m / 50.2yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Aquamarine = 6g = 0.12 skeins = 34.5m / 37.7 yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Damask = 7g = 0.14 skeins = 40.2m / 44yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Calypso = 7g = 0.14 skeins = 40.2m / 44yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Sweet Pea = 8g = 0.16 skeins = 45.9m / 50.2yds

Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld – Sage Blue = 9g = 0.18 skeins = 51.7m / 56.5 yds

Needles Used:

4mm Addi Click Interchangeables


This sweater consists of 73717 stitches

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Knitorama – Episode 048


Eye SpyEyeball Shawl by Stephen West using Garnstudio Drops Lace in 8903 Black, 8105 Ice Blue & 0100 White on 4mm Addi Click Interchangeables.

TEST KNIT Shift – Shift by Tin Can Knits (Shift is a temporary name) using Alpaca DK yarn in Black & Grey (this yarn came from Knitnation 2011 and had no label as it was “reject” yarn) and Rowan Pure Wool DK in Aqua on 3.25 Knit Pro Nova Interchangeables for the ribbing and 4mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the rest of the hat.


2017 Pinwheel Blanket – Caron’s Country Quilt Baby Blanket with my left over sock yarn from previous projects on 3mm Sullivan’s Knitting Bamboo straight needles (20cm) bought at Lincraft in Melbourne, Australia in 2009.


Kex Blanket by Stephen West, was part of the Westies Besties KAL hosted by Stephen West in early 2013. I knit this using Rowan Felted Tweed DK in 150 Rage, 152 Watery, 158 Pine and 160 Gilt on 5mm Knit Pro Symphony Interchangeables

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My 2016 Advent Scarf

For years now I’ve been trying to join and Advent Knit-A-Long, but I never really got around to it for lack of time or whatever other reason. But at the end of last year I decided that I would find the time to join at least one Advent KAL, and I found the perfect one.

I liked the idea of a scarf, that if it wasn’t long enough at the end, I could always turn into an infinity cowl. So I went stash diving to find some suitable yarn and I came across my three balls of Hjertegarn Kunstgarn bought at Bolas de Tons in Coimbra and decided to use the 01 Blacks & Greys and 20 Rainbows along with my 3.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables on a 50cm cable.


So the advent I decided to join along with was the Mosaic Advent Scarf 2016 by Tracie Weatherston. What made me choose this particular KAL was the aspect of it being Mosaic Knitting which I think is a really fun technique. I did start the KAL a bit late, as it started on the 27th of November, and I only cast-on on the 1st of December, but in two days I managed to catch up with all the previous clues, and for a while there I managed to actually knit the clue on the day it came out.


But then I got commissioned to do a pair of socks, and they got in the way so I fell behind, but I quickly caught up again. I can’t remember what the reason was for falling behind a second time, all I know is that I did fall behind a second time and then I spent the whole day on the 24th catching up with about 10 clues, and I managed to finish the whole scarf by the end of the day.



Yarn Usage:

Hjertegarn Kunstgarn – 01 Blacks & Grey = 48 grams = 201.5 meters or 220.3 yards

Hjertegarn Kunstgarn – 20 Rainbow = 57 grams = 239.2 meters or 261.6 yards

For a total of 105 grams = 440.7 meters or 481.9 yards


Needles Used:

3.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables



  • each clue contained 30 rows except for the first and last clue.
  • There was a 15 stitch pattern repeat + 2 stitches for the edging. I decided to do 3 repeats of the pattern, so for me that came to 47 stitches per row (3 x 15sts = 45sts + 2sts = 47sts).
  • The first clue started with 6 rows of plain garter stitch – 4 in the main colour (for me that was the black) and 2 in the contrast colour (the rainbow)
  • The last clue only had 20 rows but also included the 6 rows plain garter as in the first clue
  • So there were a total of 27 clues of 30 rows each and 1 clue of 20 rows + 12 rows + cast-on and bind off

Therefore the math:

27 clues x 30 rows = 810 rows (4 clues in November & 23 in December)

1 clue x 20 rows = 20 rows (1 in December)

Total of 830 rows

830 rows x 47 stitches = 39010 stitches

12 rows x 47 stitches = 564 stitches

Cast-on & Bind Off = 94 stitches

Total Stitches for this project: 39668 stitches


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2016 LBK Christmas Eve Cast-On

For the last couple of years Dani, from Little Bobbin Knits Podcast, has been hosting a Christmas Eve Cast-On. The idea behind this Christmas Eve Cast-On is to cast-on a pair of socks. It is not only specific to socks, but Dani usually casts-on a new pair of socks, so I decided to join in the fun and also cast-on a new pair of socks, even though I had several other projects I really wanted to get finished by the end of the year.


I knew exactly what yarn I was going to use to cast-on these socks. I was going to be using a Sock Blank I had purchased in October from Dona Maria. As this is a double knit sock blank, as in it was knit using 2 strands of sock yarn at the same time, I would have to knit the two socks at the same time. At first I put them on separate needles and tried doing it that way, but it was just too confusing and it was starting to create a lot of tangles in the yarn, so I bit the bullet and went for Two-At-A-Time (TAAT) socks on the SAME NEEDLE, which is something I’d tried previously, but just never really gotten the hang of it.


I didn’t finish these by the end of the year as I’d planned, as my sock yarn blanket was my priority (it also didn’t get done by the end of the year, though very nearly). But I found that knitting these socks TAAT wasn’t actually that bad. Now that is not to say that I’m a complete convert to TAAT socks, but I will definitely be using this method again in the future, especially as I have another sock blank dyed by Dona Maria.


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MTO – Shadow Tunic

On the 14th of January I was commissioned to knit a sweater. The client liked the look of the Mellow Sweater Sample that was hanging in the store, but not really the neckline and wanted some other modifications made. So measurements and notes on how the client wanted the sweater were taken and yarn was decided upon and bought and I went home to design and knit a sweater.

The yarn eventually decided upon was Ovelha Negra Olívia in 57 Dove and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in 653 Shadow. The first thing that needed to be done was to knit up a gauge swatch as I wouldn’t be using a pattern at all for this, and I would need to design a sweater. I ended up designing a raglan sweater with a square-ish neckline according to the measurements taken.


After having knit most of the raglan shaping and before getting to the sleeve & body separation, I was already well into the 2nd ball of the Rowan Kidsilk Haze, so I knew that the 4 balls that the client had initially bought would not be enough, so I quickly got in contact with Ovelha Negra and had them reserve 2 more balls of yarn for me, as I would undoubtedly need at least 1 more. So to make sure I’d have enough to keep me going for the time being, I knit until the end of the first ball of Olívia yarn, which ran out shortly after I separated for the sleeves & body and then knit both sleeves, which were a lot slower going as they were in garter stitch in the round, meaning I had to knit 1 row and then purl 1 row.

Last week Saturday, so only a week after getting the commission, I went back to Ovelha Negra and picked up the two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I’d requested be reserved for me. I’m really glad I did that because I definitely needed that 5th ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. To finish the sweater off nicely I decided on an I-cord bind off at the hem (which has a 16 row garter edge to prevent rolling), on the sleeves and around the neckline.

All the details regarding yardage used can be found on my Project Page on Ravelry, but I’ll note them down here as well for anyone that is interested.




18 stitches by 24 rows per 10cm/4inches in stockinette

18 stitches by 30 rows per 10cm/4 inches in garter

Yarn Usage:

Ovelha Negra Olívia = 150 grams = 1050.1 meters or 1148.4 yards

Rowan Kidsilk Haze = 116 grams = 969.9 meters or 1060.7 yards

For a total of 266 grams = 2020 meters or 2209.1 yards

Needles Used:

5mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the hem on the body and the cuff on the sleeves (the last 20 rows) and the I-Cord Bind Off along the hem, the cuffs and the neckline.

5.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the majority of the sweater.


Ever since I joined in NaKniSweMo last year and had to calculate how many stitches were in the sweaters I knit, I’ve been doing that for every single project since, so this sweater would not qualify for the NaKniSweMo as it contains less than 50.000 stitches, which is the minimum requirement.

And in case you’re wondering how many stitches this sweater has, well it has 46.872 stitches this includes all the I-cord bind off as well.


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Knitorama Episode 047

Short episode with poor lighting due to the adverse weather conditions, fog and rain!!


Shadow Tunic own design using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in 653 Shadow and Ovelha Negra Olívia in 57 Dove on 5.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables & 5mm for the cuffs and I-cord BOs.


Eye SpyEyeball Shawl by Stephen West using Garnstudio Drops Lace in 8903 Black, 8105 Ice Blue & 0100 White on 4mm Addi Click Interchangeables. (2/3 through 2nd halve of section 2).


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Workshop Toe-Up Socks

Today I’ll be at Ovelha Negra from 14.00-18.00 teaching a class/workshop on how to knit toe-up socks for those who have either never knit socks, or want to learn how to knit them toe-up instead of cuff-down.


We will start with the more difficult of the techniques, which are the rounded toe and the reverse heel flap & gusset. (photo above)


Hopefully we will have enough time to also learn how to do the standard toe and then a short row heel. (see photo above).

I will also be explaining two different kinds of cast-on and bind-off techniques, and again if there is enough time I might be able to show a third way of casting on toe-up socks.

Another facet of this workshop will be determining the correct length of our feet so that we create socks that fit and how to determine where to start the heel, whether it is with a heel flap & gusset or a short row heel.




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