Curtas, Vila de Conde – International Film Festival

This weekend I’ll be at the International Film Festival, Curtas in Vila de Conde.

vila de conde curtas (2)

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Knitting Get Together June

Some pictures of an afternoon well spent outside knitting and chatting with friends.

150627-encontro tricot junho-003

Isabel was working on her version of “the W” by Stephen West.

150627-encontro tricot junho-004

Sonia P. was working on her version of Gudrun Johnson’s MKAL in a gorgeous lilac color. (I still have to start mine :) )

150627-encontro tricot junho-005

Sonia A. was working on Therapy using Olivia yarn by Ovelha Negra

150627-encontro tricot junho-006



Bia, Isabel’s sister was starting a mitered square blanket, she’d just started her 4th square.

150627-encontro tricot junho-007

Maria José, brought along this cute cardigan she’d just finished for her youngest granddaughter using Yarn Adventures Yarn in very complimentary colors.

150627-encontro tricot junho-013

A close up of Sonia A. Therapy, again very nice complimentary colors.

150627-encontro tricot junho-014

Here’s Sonia A. mitered square blanket, to date she has 26 squares and counting.

150627-encontro tricot junho-015

Maria José’s project she was working on, an asymmetrical shawl in tones of grey which will have a nice pop of color in a lace section.

150627-encontro tricot junho-016

Branca was working on a another cute little cardigan for her, yet to be born, great niece having finished the dress she was working on last time.

150627-encontro tricot junho-017

And as you can see, Bia finished her square by the end of the get together, I think she’s off to a great start

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Birthday Haul – Part 5

Got these lovely skeins from Carolina, thank you :).

150628-gifts-001 150628-gifts-002

I don’t know what to use them for just yet, but I’m sure they’ll be a very special project.

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Birthday Haul – Part 4

Having acquired some stash over the years since I’ve been knitting, I’ve been able to store it mostly in the living room “hidden” in some boxes I bought at Ikea. But on the 5th of June we went to the Emaus Annual Sale (they’re open year round, but in June they usually have a large sale) where I saw a gorgeous antique glass/wood cabinet which is absolutely perfect for storing my yarn in. So my parents gifted it for my birthday :)

150621-2015 bday gifts-001

I still have to clean it properly, fix the drawers, as they were stuck and I have to remove the inside as they were used to store cutlery. There are 2 glass shelves and a mirror on the back and on the bottom, so it will look like my stash multiplied once it’s all in there. When I’m ready I’ll come back and show how I’ve currently been storing my yarn and then how my new cabinet looks with all my yarn in it.

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Birthday Haul – Part 3

Filomena was ever so kind and gifted me the following two patterns, which were both on my wish list. Now to decide which one to knit first and what yarn to use :) (pictures taken from Ravelry, they are not mine)

Literally Over the Top by Megan Williams

which is knit flat starting at the bottom, knit to the neck, where you do some neck shaping and then down the back. Then you seam up the sides leaving enough space for the armholes. Original was knit using fingering weight yarn with 3.25mm & 3.5mm and it’s available in a wide range of sizes (chest circumference of 20 to 56 inches).

Piet on Point by Nancy Whitman


Obviously inspired by Piet Mondriaan a famous Dutch Painter, and one of my favorite Dutch Painters. Made using fingering weight yarn and 3.75mm needles.

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WIP – Westknit’s 2014 MKAL – Exploration Station – Update

I’ve also done some more knitting on my version of last year’s Stephen West MKAL – Exploration Station. When I stopped I’d just completed the first part of section 2, the brioche section.

150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-002

Above the brioche is the 2nd part of the 2nd clue which is the sassy stitches, and then I started on section 3 (below)



150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-001

and I’m finally on section 4, but there are over 400 sts on the needles right now and I’m using Alpaca yarn which at the moment is not very conducive to knitting due to the heatwave we’re having here in Portugal. Temperatures have been over 30C for several days now. I’ll pick this up again when my Blue Harvest is finished, but then only during the evenings when it’s cooler.

150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-003

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Birthday Haul – Part 2

Here’s what I got from Fernanda, another magnificent handmade gift and some lovely smelling soap, which will be going into my yarn cabinet.

150621-2015 bday gifts-002 150621-2015 bday gifts-004 150621-2015 bday gifts-005 150621-2015 bday gifts-006 150621-2015 bday gifts-007 150621-2015 bday gifts-010 150621-2015 bday gifts-011 150621-2015 bday gifts-012 150621-2015 bday gifts-013 150621-2015 bday gifts-015 150621-2015 bday gifts-016 150621-2015 bday gifts-019 150621-2015 bday gifts-020

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WIP – Sock Yarn Blanket

So it’s been ages since I showed my sock yarn blanket, and I’ve made quite a lot of progress. I believe last time I showed it I’d shown the first section of 42 blocks.

150118-WIP-left over mitered blanket-003_1

In the meantime I acquired the yarn for the border, Garnstudio Drops Fabel in color 107 Navy and added 2 sections of the border along with 4 “center” squares using Tiger variegated sock yarn.

150510-WIP-sock yarn mitered blanket-001

150524-WIP-sock yarn mitered blanket-001

I started section 2 on the 17th of May and have been working on it off and on over the last month. Last week at the WWKIP Day in Aveiro I was at this point, having added 21 squares of section 2.

150607-WIP-sock yarn blanket-001 150607-WIP-sock yarn blanket-002

During the WWKIP Day I added one (the brownish one) and a half squares, and later in the evening I finished the half square (the purple one) – it’s the project in the bottom right hand corner of the following picture.

150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-028

Since then I finished another 15 and a half squares, and this is how far I am at the moment.

150621-WIP-sock yarn blanket-001

I’m hoping to finish this 2nd section today and then I’ll put it to the side again for a little bit while I finish off my Blue Harvest which is also almost complete. Below the squares I added since the WWKIP Day last week, remember the last one I was working on then was the dark purple one (2 rows in and 2 rows down from the top left of the picture). I’ve already used quite a lot of yarn from the swap I did with Isabel.

150621-WIP-sock yarn blanket-002

Once this section is complete I’ll add a complete list of yarns I used in these 42 squares, like I did for section 1 in this post.

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WIP – Blue Harvest – Update

So this is what my Blue Harvest looked like on Saturday, it’s grown quite a bit since then.

150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-017

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Birthday Haul – Part 1

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday this year, I just haven’t been able to take photos of all of them yet. Here is one of the gifts I got. Thank you Rosario :)

150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-018 150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-020 150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-021

I’ll have to get out my spinning wheel and sit down and do some spinning now for sure.

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