The Reluctant Model

150702-all knit long july-010 150702-all knit long july-011

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Reflections, Textured Ceilings & Doors

150718-boticas-051 150718-boticas-036 150718-boticas-045

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Tourist Tram

150627-walkabout porto-015

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People Watching

150627-walkabout porto-010 150627-walkabout porto-019 150627-walkabout porto-020

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Impressions of Porto

150627-walkabout porto-003 150627-walkabout porto-004 150627-walkabout porto-005 150627-walkabout porto-006 150627-walkabout porto-007 150627-walkabout porto-008 150627-walkabout porto-009 150627-walkabout porto-012

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My Cockatoo

The start of my version of Kate Davies’ Cockatoo Brae from her book Yokes. I’m using Garnstudio Drops Alpaca and 3.25mm needles.



My modifications:

1. Making a sweater instead of a cardigan (but I kept the “steek” stitches)

2. Making this TOP down instead of BOTTOM up

3. Still undecided on the sleeve length, will figure this out once I’ve finished the body, and then determine sleeve length depending on yarn left over.

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Texture, Lines, Bikeracks

150627-walkabout porto-011 150627-walkabout porto-017 150627-walkabout porto-016

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Nadir Afonso in Boticas

While in Boticas on Saturday we visited the Art Exhibit of Nadir Afonso, I’d never heard of this artist, but I loved his style. Here are some of the pictures I took .

150718-boticas-027 150718-boticas-029 150718-boticas-034 150718-boticas-035 150718-boticas-036 150718-boticas-037 150718-boticas-038 150718-boticas-039 150718-boticas-040 150718-boticas-041 150718-boticas-042 150718-boticas-044 150718-boticas-047 150718-boticas-049 150718-boticas-050 150718-boticas-055 150718-boticas-057 150718-boticas-058 150718-boticas-060 150718-boticas-061 150718-boticas-064 150718-boticas-068 150718-boticas-069 150718-boticas-070

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Today we, the Tricotadeiras do Porto, were invited to Boticas for lunch and some knitting. I want to thank the Bia for the invite along with everyone involved in the organization of today for the warm reception and for giving us a lovely experience. We were astounded at the reception we got: the people were kind and welcoming, the food was delicious and plentiful and the lovely gift of wine and a book we received at the end, will make this an unforgettable visit. I will definitely be visiting again very soon, as we only got to see a tiny bit of the lovely village and surrounding area.

I’ll leave you with my impression of Boticas.

150718-boticas-014 150718-boticas-020 150718-boticas-023 150718-boticas-080 150718-boticas-083 150718-boticas-084 150718-boticas-087 150718-boticas-091 150718-boticas-092 150718-boticas-093 150718-boticas-094 150718-boticas-095 150718-boticas-096 150718-boticas-109 150718-boticas-113 150718-boticas-116

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Rainbow Tube

Was only supposed to start this tomorrow while we’re visiting Boticas, but I had nothing “simple” to work on during the last get together last month, so I started my version of the Tubularity Cowl by Martina Behm using my CPF 3 yarn from Dyed by Alfinete.

150627-WIP-rainbow tube-002

Friday evening’s progress

150627-WIP-rainbow tube-003

Saturday’s progress at Ovelha Negra

150627-WIP-rainbow tube-001

Saturday’s progress at the beginning of the get together

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