Public Holiday = Beach Day

I guess I wasn’t the only one who had the bright idea of going to the beach a week or so ago on our public holiday, especially as the day was fantastic!!! But we had fun despite the crowd…

160425-praia leca palmeira-008160425-praia leca palmeira-013160425-praia leca palmeira-014160425-praia leca palmeira-021160425-praia leca palmeira-024160425-praia leca palmeira-032160425-praia leca palmeira-033

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Charlie the Cat

Our latest addition to the family, for now he’ll stay and hopefully he’ll adjust to life with dogs.


If he can’t adjust and get used to the dogs, we’re going to have to find him a new home, for now, we’re going to get him healthy.

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RGO Knitorama – Episode 009

Episode 009: filmed at my parents’ place on the back porch, inserts at the beginning and end taken in the back yard and the outdoor kitchen area.

Thank you to all returning and new viewers, and thank you for liking and commenting.




OAK16-Jujuy Jujuy by Joji Locatelli – for the Ovelha Negra April/May KAL using Olívia by Ovelha Negra in 38 Robins Egg, 79 Kingfisher, 75 Harbour, 23 Denim and 15 Blackcurrent, all left over from my OAK16-Rhombing Around sweater which was also the Ovelha Negra April/May KAL

HPK-08-Hidden StairwaysHidden Stairways by Erica Lueder – for the Inside Number 23 Harry Potter KAL using Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett


Baby Chevrons Blanket


5200K by Suvi Simola – needs to be completed by the end of May

Natsumi by Yoko Hatta – no hard deadline, but I’d like to have it completed by the end of June

Rhombing Around by La Maison Rililie (version no. 2) – needs to be completed by the end of May


3 pieces of 80x100cm fabric bought at the local “Chinese” / dollar store, a cat print, a Dala Horse print and a plain print.

FILM Inserts

At the beginning – winding yarn for the Suvi Simola sweater I’m going to start knitting

At the end – the dogs in the back garden and our new addition, Charlie the cat.

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Enjoying the Knits

160424-rusty loves knits-001

Don’t even think about touching my “pillow”!!!

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Another Finished Bag

A smaller version of the bag that made it’s way to NYC.

160423-medium-avelina-001 160423-medium-avelina-002

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OAK16 – Rhombing Around

Finally managed to take some photos of my finished sweater!!! with a little bit of help.

160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-003 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-006 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-007 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-008 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-010 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-012 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-014 160423-FO-OAK16-RhombingAround-016

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RGO Knitorama Episode 008

So, I changed the name of my podcast, as I wasn’t really happy with the name I’d been using for the first 7 episodes. My podcast is now called Knitorama. I’ve changed the name on the youtube channel and on Ravelry.

Thank you to everyone who watched the podcast and to everyone who comments either here on the blog, on youtube, on Facebook or the Ravelry Group.


TEST KNIT Custom TriyangCustom Triyang by Lee Meredith – Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Solis, Alcaucil & Persia knit on 5.5mm/US9 Addi Clic interchangeable


OAK16-JujuyJujuy by Joji Locatelli – Ovelha Negra Olivia in 38 Robins Egg, 79 Kingfisher, 75 Harbour, 23 Denim and 15 Blackcurrent knit on 4mm/US6 KnitPro Nova Interchangeable

Baby Chevrons – designed by me – BMG Affinitas

Gauge Swatch for the Natsumi Sweater

PODCASTS I mentioned:

Inside Number 23 hosted by Katie

Grocery Girls hosted by Jodi & Tracie

Pink Hair Girl hosted by Sally-Jane & Rachel

Wooldiaries hosted by Sally

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Spring Garden – Vegetables

We planted some seeds which are finally starting to grow, I can’t remember what these were, but our inspectors are making sure it’s all going ok.

160416-spring garden-013

and from some leeks and spring onions bought at the market still with their roots on, we’ll be planting these soon as well.

160416-spring garden-014

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Spring Garden – Fruit Trees

Some of the fruit trees are starting to bear fruit.


160416-spring garden-001160416-spring garden-002


160416-spring garden-010

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Amarante – Saturday Morning Market

Made a visit to the market in Amarante on Saturday morning, bought some fresh vegetables and fruit and took some photos.


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