TEST KNIT – Bonfire

I can finally show one of my secret test knits that I did last month. It’s a nice warm blanket for the winter called Bonfire and it’s from TinCanKnits new book Roadtrip.

140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-001 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-003 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-005 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-006

I used less than 6 balls of Garnstudio Drops Andes in shade 0619 and 10mm needles.

Mine came out slightly bigger than the specified dimensions, but only because I blocked it aggressively.

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The garden

140817-the garden-001 140817-the garden-002 140817-the garden-003 140817-the garden-004 140817-the garden-008 140817-the garden-011 140817-the garden-013

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At the request of a friend I’m making her daughter a skirt, just a simple ribbed/cabled skirt. I’m a bit further along than in the picture, but you get the idea.

140809-WIP-j's skirt-002

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Plums and Blueberries

140817-the garden-015

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I just couldn’t resist the new pattern by Heidi Bears, the only thing that I worried about was that it’s crochet and I’m not that adept at crochet, but after reading through the pattern thoroughly I made my start.


I started by picking out my yarn, left overs from other projects. The two greens at the top are Yarn Adventures 570 in Olive Green and Acid, and I paired it with Rosarios 4 Merino Land in 02 (off white) and 13 (very light grey/blue) and a 1.5mm crochet hook.


I decided to try the join-as-you-go technique mentioned in the pattern and so only made the pentagons, hexagons and heptagons up to row 4, row 5 being the joining row.


After a couple of hours of joining I’d finished the body. At this point you’re supposed to stuff the toy, but as I did not have enough stuffing at my parents’ place, I decided to continue on joining the motifs and I’d stuff it when I got back home.

IMG_5127 140817-WIP-owl-001

Above the body and head pretty much done except for the last 2 motifs as I needed a larger hole to be able to stuff the body and the head.

Below the start of a wing, which because I was using left over yarn ended up being in two colours. These still need to be finished and then there is a beak and some feet to make up still.


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Mini Toad

A mini toad came to visit the garden this weekend, actually he was hiding under some shrubs that were being removed, so my dad saved him from certain death and we put him in a save spot, but not before I managed to take some photos.

140816-mini toad-005 140816-mini toad-010 140816-mini toad-008 140816-mini toad-002

Can you spot him? He’s there, look really close…. (just above the fuzzy leaf in the bottom left hand corner)

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TEST KNIT Clayoquot Hat by Tin Can Knits

I mentioned before that I’ve been working on Secret Test Knits, some of them have been for Tin Can Knits, this one, a cute little hat, I can share with you already. I found the perfect yarn in my stash. ┬áThe pattern called for DK yarn and 3.5mm and 4mm needles to knit the hat.

140803-TK-FO-clayoquot hat-014

I made size Adult Medium and it’s shown here on a 10 year old.

The yarn used is Rowan Pure Wool DK in:

Main colour: dark grey (shade 00002)

Contrast colour 1: light turquoise (shade 006)

Contrast colour 2: petrol (shade 007).

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TEST KNIT – Somar by Madeleine Nilsson

As mentioned in my last post, I successfully tested the mini version of the Somar cardigan designed by Madeleine Nilsson. But I’m also testing an adult version in my size. I decided to use the Garnstudio Drops Cotton Light again as it gave me the right gauge with the larger needles.

140726-encontro julho-005

Not gotten too far just yet as I also have some other items that need to be finished quickly.

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TEST KNIT – Somar Mini by Madeleine Nilsson

I’ve been working on several Secret Test Knits which I can’t show off until the pattern is published, but here’s one that I can show. I’m testing two sizes, that’s to say the smaller size I’ve finished, I’m still working on the one for me.

140725-drops cotton light-005

The pattern called for DK yarn and wanting to work from stash, I ended up with some Garnstudio Drops Cotton Light which gave me the gauge I needed for the pattern. I had initially signed up for the 10y size, but ended up doing the 12y size instead, this way the recipient would get a lot more wear out of it.

140726-encontro julho-004

The picture above was after a half day knitting, after dividing for the sleeves it’s a lot faster going.

140803-somar mini-015 140803-somar mini-016 140803-somar mini-017 140803-somar mini-019

As you an see, the recipient was more than happy with her new cardigan, and quite rightly said that it even looked good wearing it back to front. I’m sure it’s going to get plenty of use over the next couple of years.

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Vila de Conde – Part 3

These photos were taken after walking around the art fair, I was by now making my way slowly back to the metro station, as I’d decided to not bother with the car and come by metro. I can highly recommend taking the metro, it only took roughly 25 minutes from Sra. da Hora to Santa Clara, Vila de Conde.

140727-vila de conde-044 140727-vila de conde-045 140727-vila de conde-046 140727-vila de conde-047 140727-vila de conde-049 140727-vila de conde-051 140727-vila de conde-052 140727-vila de conde-054 140727-vila de conde-055 140727-vila de conde-056 140727-vila de conde-061 140727-vila de conde-063 140727-vila de conde-065 140727-vila de conde-066 140727-vila de conde-069 140727-vila de conde-070 140727-vila de conde-071 140727-vila de conde-072 140727-vila de conde-073 140727-vila de conde-074 140727-vila de conde-078 140727-vila de conde-084 140727-vila de conde-085 140727-vila de conde-087 140727-vila de conde-082

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