Beach Outing – Part 1

Last week we had a couple of beautiful sunny days, so I decided to get the dogs for a walk on the beach. I also wanted to see the destruction the heavy storms we had at the beginning of the year caused. The destruction was vast, but they’re slowly cleaning it up and bringing the beaches back to their original state.

140403-beach outing-004 140403-beach outing-007 140403-beach outing-008 140403-beach outing-009 140403-beach outing-010 140403-beach outing-018 140403-beach outing-021 140403-beach outing-022 140403-beach outing-023 140403-beach outing-028

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Happy Easter

140420-easter-002 140420-easter-005

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Hazul Luzah – Rua de S. Pedro de Miragaia – Porto

140322-hazul luzah-011 140322-hazul luzah-012 140322-hazul luzah-013 140322-hazul luzah-014 140322-hazul luzah-015 140322-hazul luzah-016 140322-hazul luzah-017 140322-hazul luzah-018

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TEST KNIT – Secret Garden Socks

Finished the pair (and worn them already).

140329-FO-TK-secret garden socks-001 140329-FO-TK-secret garden socks-002 140329-FO-TK-secret garden socks-003

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Hazul Luzah – Rua de Francisco Rochas Soares – Porto

140322-hazul luzah-010 140322-hazul luzah-003 140322-hazul luzah-004 140322-hazul luzah-005 140322-hazul luzah-006 140322-hazul luzah-007 140322-hazul luzah-008 140322-hazul luzah-009

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TEST KNIT – Haruni Plus – Finished

My Test Knit of the Haruni Plus shawl for Emily Ross is finished, and after blocking it in half (not enough space to block it as I usually do) I needed to take some photos, so here they are.

140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-001 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-003 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-007 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-008 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-009 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-012 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-013 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-016 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-017 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-018 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-019 140329-FO-TK-haruni plus-020

I still need to take final measurements, this one is even bigger than my “Around the World in 80 Days Shawl“.

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My Porto – Part 2

140322-hazul luzah-019 140322-porto-001 140322-porto-003 140322-porto-010 140322-porto-045 140322-porto-046 140322-porto-047 140322-porto-048 140322-porto-049 140322-porto-050 140322-porto-051

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Angel Cowl

So I finally finished this cowl which I started way back in July of last year. It came out huge!!! I can wrap it around my neck 4 times without any problems, this is definitely going to get a lot of use next winter. The doggies helped out with the photoshoot :)

140329-FO-angel cowl-002 140329-FO-angel cowl-003 140329-FO-angel cowl-011 140329-FO-angel cowl-004 140329-FO-angel cowl-005 140329-FO-angel cowl-006 140329-FO-angel cowl-009

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My Porto – Part 1

140322-porto-002 140322-porto-004 140322-porto-006 140322-porto-009 140322-porto-011 140322-porto-014 140322-porto-019 140322-porto-020 140322-porto-021 140322-porto-023 140322-porto-025 140322-porto-026 140322-porto-027 140322-porto-028 140322-porto-030 140322-porto-034 140322-porto-036 140322-porto-038 140322-porto-041 140322-porto-042 140322-porto-043 140322-porto-044

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Portuguese Yarn Club – 2nd delivery

For March I got gorgeous handspun from Rosario in this gorgeous color. I think I already have the perfect project for this yarn, first to finish some others though.

140321-CPF1-2-002 140329-CPF1-2-002 140329-CPF1-2-003


So next month I’ll be getting my skeins from Paula (Dyed by Alfinete) can’t wait!!

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