Something I like to do in the autumn at the farm, other than taking photos of mushrooms is going chestnut hunting. Not that I have to do much hunting mind, there are so many chestnut trees on the property that it’s fairly simple to find some.

141011-mother nature-118 141011-mother nature-119 141012-mother nature-023

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Double Grey

My favourite slouchy hat pattern has got to be Rikke. I’ve made several over the years, but I always seem to end up giving them away, now I’ve made one again, but this one isn’t going anywhere.

141005-FO-double grey-001 141012-FO-double grey-002 141012-FO-double grey-003

I used some 50/50 alpaca/wool blend that I got at Knit Nation in 2011 and that had been lying in my stash just wanting to be made into something. I have plenty left over, so I might make a matching cowl.

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Autumn Colours

141011-mother nature-049

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Puelo – a cowl

I knit this cowl using Auracania’s Puelo yarn which is absolutely gorgeous to work with. The pattern will be up soon on Ravelry.

141012-FO-puelo-001 141012-FO-puelo-003

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The Runaway

Dakota is a little runaway. Twice she was with my mum and then suddenly disappeared only to find me on the property.

141011-mother nature-094


This is the first time she snuck up on me looking all innocent!!!

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Proof that there are snakes wondering the farm. This I found hanging on one of the chestnut trees higher up on the property. I’d say the snake in question is approximately 60-70cm in length and a good 3cm in diameter.

141012-mother nature-013 141012-mother nature-014

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Is it Autumn or Spring

There are still so many plants in bloom.

141011-mother nature-074 141011-mother nature-084 141011-mother nature-106 141012-mother nature-029 141012-mother nature-035 141012-mother nature-039141012-mother nature-048 141012-mother nature-051 141012-pumpkins-002

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Not as in birds, but as in these fantastic plants growing all over the farm and alongside the highways here in Portugal.

141012-mother nature-031 141012-mother nature-032 141012-mother nature-033


141012-mother nature-047

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My photogenic Dogs

141012-jojo the model-001 141012-jojo the model-003 141012-jojo the model-006 141012-jojo the model-007 141012-jojo the model-008 141012-jojo the model-011 141012-doggies-001 141012-doggies-004 141012-doggies-005 141012-doggies-006 141012-doggies-007 141012-doggies-008

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Mushrooms: the Shapes & Sizes

Ok, some more photos of the variety of mushrooms, this time the different shapes and sizes.

141011-mother nature-101 141012-mother nature-003 141012-mother nature-004 141012-mother nature-006 141012-mother nature-021 141012-mother nature-034 141011-mother nature-013 141011-mother nature-016 141011-mother nature-024 141011-mother nature-042 141011-mother nature-057 141011-mother nature-071 141011-mother nature-080 141011-mother nature-081

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