And another finished toy, this is Thandi.

140914-FO-thandi-001 140914-FO-thandi-002 140914-FO-thandi-003 140914-FO-thandi-004 140914-FO-thandi-005 140914-FO-thandi-006 140914-FO-thandi-007 140914-FO-thandi-008

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Here’s Fliederduft finally 100% finished, the poor thing had to wait quite a bit to get some eyes.

140914-FO-fliederduft-008 140914-FO-fliederduft-003 140914-FO-fliederduft-007 140914-FO-fliederduft-006 140914-FO-fliederduft-002 140914-FO-fliederduft-001 140914-FO-fliederduft-005 140914-FO-fliederduft-004

Seriously who knew it was so hard to find buttons to turn into eyes here in Porto. I went to several stores before finding one who had decent enough buttons to serve as eyes for my toys. Will need to investigate a bit more and see if I can’t find another store that sells a good quality button.

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Nembali – Update

Nembali is almost finished!!! If it weren’t for the fact that I left the stuffing at home instead of taking it with me to my parents’ house for the weekend, she would be finished already.

140914-WIP-nembali-001 140914-WIP-nembali-002 140914-WIP-nembali-003 140914-WIP-nembali-004

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Owl – Finished

Miss Owl is finally 100% finished, and she decided she wanted a proper photo-shoot, so here goes.

140914-FO-owl-001 140914-FO-owl-002 140914-FO-owl-003 140914-FO-owl-004 140914-FO-owl-005 140914-FO-owl-006 140914-FO-owl-007 140914-FO-owl-008 140914-FO-owl-009

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LYS – Bolas de Tons in Coimbra

Last week I went to the official inauguration of the new location of Bolas de Tons in Coimbra. Despite the dreadful weather, a fun time was had by all. I’ll leave you with some (read a lot) of pictures of the day (mostly of yarny goodness).

The new sign

140906-the new bolas de tons-023

The entrance… just remember it was raining and this was a quick shot taken while it stopped for about a minute or so.

140906-the new bolas de tons-022


The window display.140906-the new bolas de tons-024 140906-the new bolas de tons-021


To your right as you walk in you have the window display..

140906-the new bolas de tons-026 140906-the new bolas de tons-025

And then you walk down the steps and you’re faced with the following….

Abuelita Yarns and Wetterhoff

140906-the new bolas de tons-020

Araucania, Yarn Adventures, Kauni and Lanas de Espanha (in the shelving unit)

140906-the new bolas de tons-018


A lot of Garnstudio Drops goodness in fabulous colours in the shelving units on the right and at the back (more detailed shots further down)140906-the new bolas de tons-027

Schulana and Fonty

140906-the new bolas de tons-019


140906-the new bolas de tons-016

The whole wall …..

140906-the new bolas de tons-014

The counter and the essential needles, stitch markers and other accessories and notions…

140906-the new bolas de tons-015 140906-the new bolas de tons-017 140906-the new bolas de tons-054

The knitting / crocheting / relaxation / coffee / whatever-you-want corner…

140906-the new bolas de tons-001 140906-the new bolas de tons-002 140906-the new bolas de tons-004

As you can see in the pictures above a lot more Garnstudio Drops yarn, some fabrics and buttons (below)

140906-the new bolas de tons-005 140906-the new bolas de tons-006 140906-the new bolas de tons-048 140906-the new bolas de tons-049

My favourite wall/section however is the following…. Lovely Malabrigo, Manos Del Uruguay, Fyberspates and Hedgehog fibres in fantastic colours…

140906-the new bolas de tons-008 140906-the new bolas de tons-009 140906-the new bolas de tons-010 140906-the new bolas de tons-012 140906-the new bolas de tons-013 140906-the new bolas de tons-032 140906-the new bolas de tons-033 140906-the new bolas de tons-034 140906-the new bolas de tons-035

My little monsters on display

140906-the new bolas de tons-011

Some Portuguese yarn that I have at home as well, it’s what I bought at the Vila de Conde Art Fair in August.

140906-the new bolas de tons-039 140906-the new bolas de tons-040

And that’s pretty much it, totally worth the visit and definitely and enjoyable day spent in the company of great friends. Visit their website to see all the yarns they have available.



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Downtown Porto

Some photos taken while wandering around downtown Porto.

140823-downtown porto-001 140823-downtown porto-002 140823-downtown porto-003 140823-downtown porto-004 140823-downtown porto-005 140823-downtown porto-006 140823-downtown porto-007 140823-downtown porto-008 140823-downtown porto-009 140823-downtown porto-013 140823-downtown porto-014 140823-downtown porto-015 140823-downtown porto-016 140823-downtown porto-017 140823-downtown porto-018 140823-downtown porto-019 140823-downtown porto-020 140823-downtown porto-021 140823-downtown porto-022 140823-downtown porto-023 140823-downtown porto-024 140823-downtown porto-025 140823-downtown porto-026 140823-downtown porto-027 140823-downtown porto-028 140823-downtown porto-029

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Since it turned out that crocheting one of Heidi Bears’ pattern isn’t hard at all, I went back and bought some more of the animals that I liked. This is the next one that was on my list.


Can you guess what it’s going to be yet? If you know Heidi’s patterns, the name is a dead giveaway… ok enough teasing, here’s the progress so far.

140831-WIP-thandi-001 140831-WIP-thandi-002 140831-WIP-thandi-005 140831-WIP-thandi-008

Oh, I’m using Rico Designs Superba Poems in shade no. 1 for the center of the African Flowers and Rico Designs Superba Klassik in white for the joining part.

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New Hazul Luzah

Walking around downtown a couple of weeks ago, I spotted some new Hazul Luzah.

140823-hazul luzah-001 140823-hazul luzah-002 140823-hazul luzah-003 140823-hazul luzah-004 140823-hazul luzah-005 140823-hazul luzah-006 140823-hazul luzah-007 140823-hazul luzah-008 140823-hazul luzah-009 140823-hazul luzah-010 140823-hazul luzah-011 140823-hazul luzah-012 140823-hazul luzah-013 140823-hazul luzah-014 140823-hazul luzah-015 140823-hazul luzah-016 140823-hazul luzah-018 140823-hazul luzah-019 140823-hazul luzah-020 140823-hazul luzah-021 140823-hazul luzah-022

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Owl – update

Here’s an update on the owl I was crocheting. The only thing missing is the eyes. I have the buttons, now I just have to sit down and sew them on…

140831-WIP-owl-001 140831-WIP-owl-002 140831-WIP-owl-003

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TEST KNIT – Bonfire

I can finally show one of my secret test knits that I did last month. It’s a nice warm blanket for the winter called Bonfire and it’s from TinCanKnits new book Roadtrip.

140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-001 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-003 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-005 140713-TK-FO-stovetop blanket-006

I used less than 6 balls of Garnstudio Drops Andes in shade 0619 and 10mm needles.

Mine came out slightly bigger than the specified dimensions, but only because I blocked it aggressively.

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