Christmas Market in Matosinhos

Yesterday I went for a walk around the Christmas Market in Matosinhos, it’s fairly small compared to the ones I used to go to in The Netherlands, but still quite nice. Also it’s a lot more handmade stuff than I remember seeing the NL versions, but then again, those were quite some time ago, so I might be remembering wrong.

141221-feira natal matosinhos-001 141221-feira natal matosinhos-002 141221-feira natal matosinhos-003 141221-feira natal matosinhos-004 141221-feira natal matosinhos-005 141221-feira natal matosinhos-006 141221-feira natal matosinhos-007 141221-feira natal matosinhos-008 141221-feira natal matosinhos-009 141221-feira natal matosinhos-010 141221-feira natal matosinhos-011 141221-feira natal matosinhos-012 141221-feira natal matosinhos-013

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Gare de Oriente, Lisboa

141206-gare de oriente lisboa-001 141206-gare de oriente lisboa-002 141206-gare de oriente lisboa-003


And look, it seems there are also Double Decker Trains in Portugal, first time I ever saw one (in Portugal, I’ve seen plenty of them in The Netherlands).141206-gare de oriente lisboa-004

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Moon over Campo Pequeno

So when I was in Lisboa last I went out at night for a walk around Campo Pequeno and took the following photos.

141205-light effects campo pequeno-002 141205-light effects campo pequeno-004 141205-light effects campo pequeno-006 141205-light effects campo pequeno-007

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Misty morning at Campanha



Playing with light at Campanha train station on a misty winter morning.141205-misty morning campanha-001

141205-misty morning campanha-002 141205-misty morning campanha-003 141205-misty morning campanha-004 141205-misty morning campanha-005

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Test Knit – Sapin Mitts

141018-TK-WIP-sapin mitts-003


These were a test knit I did recently

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Test Knit – Jonathan by Lee Meredith

Another Test Knit revealed. Jonathan by Lee Meredith has been released, so I can finally show some photos of my finishes scarf/cowl. The only modification I made to the pattern during the test knit was to add a button band so that I could turn it into a cowl if I wanted.

141115-TK-jonathans goat-007 141115-TK-jonathans goat-008 141115-TK-jonathans goat-009 141115-TK-jonathans goat-010

I managed to find some suitable buttons in my “button stash”.

141115-TK-jonathans goat-011 141115-TK-jonathans goat-006 141115-TK-jonathans goat-012 141115-TK-jonathans goat-015

Because of the Brioche stitch this is going to be great for those really chilly days, as you can see Jojo approves 100%, she was very reluctant to give it up as a matter of fact…

141115-TK-jonathans goat-013 141115-TK-jonathans goat-001 141115-TK-jonathans goat-002 141115-TK-jonathans goat-003 141115-TK-jonathans goat-004 141115-TK-jonathans goat-014

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She Changes “The Anemone”, Matosinhos

141109-the beach-020

Conceived in 2005 by the North American artist Janet Echelman, this sculpture is characterized by never being static. In fact, the wind constantly changes the arrangement of the red and white mesh that gives it shape, which also explains the piece’s name “She Changes”. However, its shape and colors greatly contributed to its popular “Anemone” designation as an appropriate term that immediately relates the sculpture to its coastal and maritime location, as well as the author’s original idea of representing traditional fishing gear and fish traps to evoke the local fishing communities.

141109-the beach-021

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A Sunny Winter’s Day

On a sunny winter’s day, my favorite activity is taking the dogs out to the beach to run and play in the sand and surf, or in this case, do some “rock” climbing. I admit it, I have strange dogs.

141109-the beach-001 141109-the beach-002 141109-the beach-003 141109-the beach-004 141109-the beach-005 141109-the beach-006 141109-the beach-007 141109-the beach-008 141109-the beach-009 141109-the beach-010 141109-the beach-011 141109-the beach-012 141109-the beach-013 141109-the beach-014 141109-the beach-018

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Clube Português do Fio – Tricot das Cinco

So  on Saturday was the big event at Tricot das Cinco. The whole team of the Portuguese Yarn Club, Rosário (dona maria), Filomena (yarnadventures) and Paula (dyedbyalfinete) were hosted by Sofia, the owner of Tricot das Cinco, and were able to sell their gorgeous yarns directly to the public.

First let me introduce you to this lovely new LYS that opened up earlier this year. It’s located on the Avenida Poeta Mistral no. 7, Lisboa and there’s also a little tea area where you can drink some tea or coffee and there’s usually some biscuits or cakes on offer as well. I somehow forgot to take proper photos of this area, I was attracted to the yarns on offer instead.

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-001 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-002 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-003 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-004 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-005 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-006 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-007 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-008 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-010 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-011 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-012 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-013 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-014 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-015 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-043

Some close-ups from the wall of yarn..

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-033 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-034 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-039 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-040 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-042

And now the ladies and their wares

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-071

We’ll start with Paula and her brand Dyed by Alfinete

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-057 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-058 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-065 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-066 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-088 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-089

Then we had Rosário with her brand Dona Maria

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-059 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-060 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-067 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-082

And last but not least Filomena with her brand Yarn Adventures

141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-052 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-053 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-054 141206-CPF-tricot das cinco-063

I want to thank the ladies for all their efforts in creating these lovely yarns, the colours shown here in the photos, though very close to true to life, these skeins are definitely best seen IN REAL LIFE. Also a very big thank you to Sofia for offering to host this event in her shop and giving me an excuse to visit this lovely shop. I can’t say enough nice things about all the ladies, they were all so very welcoming and it was a pleasure to finally meet Paula and Sofia.

So if you’re in Lisboa and looking for some nice yarns, this shop is a must. It’s close to metro stations and within walking distance from Campo Pequeno.

and if these photos weren’t enough, you can check out the complete album here.

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Clube Português do Fio – Tricot das Cinco in Lisboa

Today Ill be joining my friends from Clube Português do Fio (Portuguese Yarn Club) at a recent yarn shop in Lisboa, Tricot das Cinco for a special edition of the Club. All three ladies, Rosario, Filomena and Paula will be present with their gorgeous handpainted/handspun yarns.



Come join us…

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