Knitorma – Episode 063

Despite the horrific situation here in Portugal, I decided to film today’s episode anyway, but decided against mentioning it during the podcast. For those of you not aware, currently there is a huge forest fire raging through a large area in the center of Portugal that has already claimed the lives of countless people and as yet there is no sign of it being under control. We’ve not even officially entered the summer season and already fires are destroying our forests and people’s lives. If temperatures continue like this, this summer is going to be one of the worst since 2003.


Joji’s 2017 MKAL – Starting Point – Joji’s Mystery Wrap by Joji Locatelli using Mrs. Robinson’s Handdyed Yarn Starlight in Light Grey Blue, Pink/Purple speckled, Light Green Blue Speckled, Navy & Turquoise on 4mm Addi Lace Click Interchangeables.


Sunny CloudsWolkig by Martina Behm using Mrs. Robinson’s Handdyed Yarn Starlight in Grey to Orange on 4mm Addi Lace Click Interchangeables.



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