Monster Madness

Recently I gifted Butter & Creaminess to an acquaintance’s daughter at a birthday party, and this person approached me to ask if I was able to make another cute little monster set so he could offer it to someone else. Of course I didn’t turn him down and these little monsters were born.

I’ve knit these monsters before, several times in fact this will be the 7th time I’m knitting these monsters. I pretty much follow the pattern as written, except for knitting the arms first as I attach them while I’m knitting the body instead of sewing them on later, I find this makes them a lot sturdier and there aren’t any threads little hands can pull on and undo the arm seam. I also provisionally cast on the stitches between the legs and then kitchener them shut when I’m maybe a third up the body. In the pattern this is done at the very end as the designer uses this hole to stuff the toy. I like to stuff the toy from the top and then kitchener that shut too. I find this gives a much neater finish.

170314-FO-monster madness-001

As this is for a young child I did not sew on buttons like I normally do, but just cross-stitched the eyes on with yarn held double.



Daphne & Delilah the Momma and Baby Monster by Rebecca Danger

Yarn Used:

Rosarios 4 Capuccino
10 Denim (lot 0109) =31g = 0.62 skeins = 58.9m / 64.48yds
03 White (lot 0902) =37g = 0.74 skeins = 70.30m / 76.96yds
TOTAL =68g = 129.2m / 141.44yds

Needles Used:

3.75mm Addi Turbo fixed circulars


5.638 sts for the pair


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