SM11-01-Twisted Madness – Qualifying Round

For years I’ve been meaning to join in the friendly competition that is Sock Madness; where you get a pattern and you have a limited time in which to complete the pair. I’ve never been able to join in as I’ve always missed the deadlines for signup. Not this year. I was watching Carolien of the Colourful Creativity Podcast and she mentioned it, and I immediately went to the group on Ravelry, Sock Madness Forever, and followed the instructions to sign up, and I got in!!!

170228-sock madness yarn-001

As I signed up at the beginning of February and Sock Madness only starts in March, I wanted to clear as many projects off the needles so that I could focus on knitting the socks once the competition started, and I also needed to collect all my sock yarn to see what I had. For this year the theme seems to be colourwork. As we don’t know beforehand what the pattern will be I can’t choose colours and yarn in advance, although I already have a list of yarn and needle requirement. I’ll just have to decide the moment the pattern becomes available what my yarn choices will be.


I think the madness part is making us have to wait for the pattern. Everyone was expecting the pattern to become available on March 1st, but actually the designer has 48 hours after publishing the specification (yarn type, amounts, needle size etc) to make the pattern available, well we waited almost the full 48 hours. The pattern became available on March 2nd around 18.30 or so my time, so when I got home, I downloaded it and read through it before deciding on yarn.

170305-WIP-SM11-01-twisted madness-001

Well, I started these as TAAT (Two-At-A-Time) on my 2.25mm Hiya Hiya Sharp needles, and it was super slow going. Finally on Sunday morning after not seeing a lot of progress on these socks I decided to try them on, well they didn’t fit. The cuff was fine, but the body of the sock was not at all stretchy, RESULT, rip the whole thing out and restart, but this time I was going to them one at a time as my Addi Lace needles only have 80cm and that just does not work well for TAAT on magic loop. So I did the cuff on the 2.25mm Addi Lace anyway, as I cast on 72sts a the pattern calls for.

170311-WIP-SM11-01-twisted madness-003

Now with Sock Madness you are not allowed to modify the pattern in any way, other than change the needle size to obtain gauge or in terms of length of the sock, but you must meet the minimum requirements set forth in the pattern. The pattern calls for 12 rows of ribbing, but I prefer 20 rows, so that is what I did, then I changed to my 2.75mm needles and did 60 rows of the pattern for the leg (minimum requirement was 30 repeats of the 2-row repeat = 60 rows). I continued with my 2.75mm and did the heel increases as specified and then for the heel turn, I changed to my 2.25mm KnitPro Karbonz and did the heel turn.
After the heel turn was complete I worked the top of the foot in the established stitch pattern on my 2.75mm Addi Lace needles, and the sole stitches on my 2.25mm Addi Lace needles, all the way to the toe, completing the required number of repeats for the foot – 26 repeats / 52 rows.

170312-FO-SM11-01-twisted madness-001

So now the socks are finished and I have a bit of a rest period before the next pattern becomes available on the 16th of March (or so I hope), in the meantime I’ll find out if I’ve qualified for a team, or if I’m going to be a cheerleader

170312-FO-SM11-01-twisted madness-003



Twisted Madness by Gina Meyer

Yarn Used:

Tiger Strømpegarn in Black, Blue & Green
88g = 1.76 skeins = 299.3m / 327.4yds

Needles Used:

2.25mm Addi Lace for ribbing and sole of foot
2.75mm Addi Lace for body of foot
2.25mm KnitPro Karbonz DPN for turning the heel


14.140sts per sock or 28.280sts for the pair


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