Knitorama – Episode 052


TEST KNIT ShiftRidgeline by Tin Can Knits using Alpaca DK yarn in Black & Grey (this yarn came from Knitnation 2011 and had no label as it was “reject” yarn) and Rowan Pure Wool DK in Aqua on 3.25 Knit Pro Nova Interchangeables for the ribbing and 4mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the rest of the hat. (previously talked about the yarn in Episode 48)

SM11-01-Twisted Madness – The first pattern, for the qualifying round, is Twisted Madness by Gina Meyer. I’m using Tiger Strømpegarn in a Black Blue Green colourway on 2.25mm Hiya Hiya sharp for the ribbing and 2.75mm Addi Lace for the rest of the sock. Please note that these patterns are not yet available for the general public, currently they are only available to people participating in the Sock Madness competition.


Monster Madness – Daphne & Delilah The Momma & Baby Monster by Rebecca Danger using Rosarios 4 Capuccino on 3.75mm Addi Turbo fixed circulars (80cm) cable in colours 03 Off White (lot 0902) and 10 Blue (lot 0109). This is a commission.


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