Knitorama Episode 051

5 days into the month, and I don’t have a lot in terms of socks to show you, but I hope to remedy that over the next week.


Baby Chevrons GB – my own design using BMG Affinitas Baby in 620 Turqouise, 601 White, 618 Blue and 619 Dark Blue, 615 Red, 625 Light Blue on my 5mm Addi Clicks Interchangeables.


2017 Pinwheel Blanket – Country Quilt Baby Blanket by Caron on 3mm Sullivan’s Bamboo Knitting Needles (Lincraft Australia, Melbourne) using left over sock yarn for the triangles/blocks and Garnstudio Drops Fabel in 107 Navy for the border with a 2mm crochet hook (from the Lidl).

SM11-01-Twisted Madness – The first pattern, for the qualifying round, is Twisted Madness by Gina Meyer. I’m using Tiger Strømpegarn in a Black Blue Green colourway on 2.25mm Hiya Hiya sharp for the ribbing and 2.75mm Addi Lace for the rest of the sock. Please note that these patterns are not yet available for the general public, currently they are only available to people participating in the Sock Madness competition.


I visited Dona Agulha yesterday in Famalicão at the new location. It’s a cute little yarn shop with a lot of variety of yarns. I coldn’t resist and brought back some unknown to me yarn. One of which is Mrs Robinson sock yarn available in mini skeins of roughly 15g each.


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