Washcloths & Make-Up Removal Pads

I made these for a friend’s birthday. I used some cotton from stash, as this is the year for using up as much stash as possible, and I just started knitting. I got two washcloths out of each 50g ball from the colours I chose and I still has some left over.

I started with the plain garter stitch washcloths. You can check out my project page on Ravelry for the pattern:


Then I decided to make another washcloth from each colour, but I decided on a textures one instead of a plain garter stitch one and ended up going with the seersucker pattern.


As I still had yarn left over, roughly 10g of each colour, I decided to make some make-up removal pads as well!!


So in total from 1 ball I got 2 washcloths and 2 make-up removal pads.




My own design

Yarn Used:

Garnstudio Drops Cotton Light
24 Purple – 50g = 105m / 115yds
27 Light Blue – 50g = 105m / 115yds
29 Lime – 50g = 105m / 115yds

Total 150g = 315m / 345yds

Needles Used:

4mm Addi Clicks Interchangeables


garter stitch washcloths = 2108sts each
seersucker washcloths = 1768sts each
make-up removal pads (knit) = 476sts each
make-up removal pads (crochet) = 257sts

3 x 2108 = 6324sts
3 x 1768 = 5304sts
5 x 476 = 2380sts
1 x 257 = 257sts

Total = 14265 sts



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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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