My 2016 Advent Scarf

For years now I’ve been trying to join and Advent Knit-A-Long, but I never really got around to it for lack of time or whatever other reason. But at the end of last year I decided that I would find the time to join at least one Advent KAL, and I found the perfect one.

I liked the idea of a scarf, that if it wasn’t long enough at the end, I could always turn into an infinity cowl. So I went stash diving to find some suitable yarn and I came across my three balls of Hjertegarn Kunstgarn bought at Bolas de Tons in Coimbra and decided to use the 01 Blacks & Greys and 20 Rainbows along with my 3.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables on a 50cm cable.


So the advent I decided to join along with was the Mosaic Advent Scarf 2016 by Tracie Weatherston. What made me choose this particular KAL was the aspect of it being Mosaic Knitting which I think is a really fun technique. I did start the KAL a bit late, as it started on the 27th of November, and I only cast-on on the 1st of December, but in two days I managed to catch up with all the previous clues, and for a while there I managed to actually knit the clue on the day it came out.


But then I got commissioned to do a pair of socks, and they got in the way so I fell behind, but I quickly caught up again. I can’t remember what the reason was for falling behind a second time, all I know is that I did fall behind a second time and then I spent the whole day on the 24th catching up with about 10 clues, and I managed to finish the whole scarf by the end of the day.



Yarn Usage:

Hjertegarn Kunstgarn – 01 Blacks & Grey = 48 grams = 201.5 meters or 220.3 yards

Hjertegarn Kunstgarn – 20 Rainbow = 57 grams = 239.2 meters or 261.6 yards

For a total of 105 grams = 440.7 meters or 481.9 yards


Needles Used:

3.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables



  • each clue contained 30 rows except for the first and last clue.
  • There was a 15 stitch pattern repeat + 2 stitches for the edging. I decided to do 3 repeats of the pattern, so for me that came to 47 stitches per row (3 x 15sts = 45sts + 2sts = 47sts).
  • The first clue started with 6 rows of plain garter stitch – 4 in the main colour (for me that was the black) and 2 in the contrast colour (the rainbow)
  • The last clue only had 20 rows but also included the 6 rows plain garter as in the first clue
  • So there were a total of 27 clues of 30 rows each and 1 clue of 20 rows + 12 rows + cast-on and bind off

Therefore the math:

27 clues x 30 rows = 810 rows (4 clues in November & 23 in December)

1 clue x 20 rows = 20 rows (1 in December)

Total of 830 rows

830 rows x 47 stitches = 39010 stitches

12 rows x 47 stitches = 564 stitches

Cast-on & Bind Off = 94 stitches

Total Stitches for this project: 39668 stitches


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