2016 LBK Christmas Eve Cast-On

For the last couple of years Dani, from Little Bobbin Knits Podcast, has been hosting a Christmas Eve Cast-On. The idea behind this Christmas Eve Cast-On is to cast-on a pair of socks. It is not only specific to socks, but Dani usually casts-on a new pair of socks, so I decided to join in the fun and also cast-on a new pair of socks, even though I had several other projects I really wanted to get finished by the end of the year.


I knew exactly what yarn I was going to use to cast-on these socks. I was going to be using a Sock Blank I had purchased in October from Dona Maria. As this is a double knit sock blank, as in it was knit using 2 strands of sock yarn at the same time, I would have to knit the two socks at the same time. At first I put them on separate needles and tried doing it that way, but it was just too confusing and it was starting to create a lot of tangles in the yarn, so I bit the bullet and went for Two-At-A-Time (TAAT) socks on the SAME NEEDLE, which is something I’d tried previously, but just never really gotten the hang of it.


I didn’t finish these by the end of the year as I’d planned, as my sock yarn blanket was my priority (it also didn’t get done by the end of the year, though very nearly). But I found that knitting these socks TAAT wasn’t actually that bad. Now that is not to say that I’m a complete convert to TAAT socks, but I will definitely be using this method again in the future, especially as I have another sock blank dyed by Dona Maria.


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