MTO – Shadow Tunic

On the 14th of January I was commissioned to knit a sweater. The client liked the look of the Mellow Sweater Sample that was hanging in the store, but not really the neckline and wanted some other modifications made. So measurements and notes on how the client wanted the sweater were taken and yarn was decided upon and bought and I went home to design and knit a sweater.

The yarn eventually decided upon was Ovelha Negra Olívia in 57 Dove and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in 653 Shadow. The first thing that needed to be done was to knit up a gauge swatch as I wouldn’t be using a pattern at all for this, and I would need to design a sweater. I ended up designing a raglan sweater with a square-ish neckline according to the measurements taken.


After having knit most of the raglan shaping and before getting to the sleeve & body separation, I was already well into the 2nd ball of the Rowan Kidsilk Haze, so I knew that the 4 balls that the client had initially bought would not be enough, so I quickly got in contact with Ovelha Negra and had them reserve 2 more balls of yarn for me, as I would undoubtedly need at least 1 more. So to make sure I’d have enough to keep me going for the time being, I knit until the end of the first ball of Olívia yarn, which ran out shortly after I separated for the sleeves & body and then knit both sleeves, which were a lot slower going as they were in garter stitch in the round, meaning I had to knit 1 row and then purl 1 row.

Last week Saturday, so only a week after getting the commission, I went back to Ovelha Negra and picked up the two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I’d requested be reserved for me. I’m really glad I did that because I definitely needed that 5th ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. To finish the sweater off nicely I decided on an I-cord bind off at the hem (which has a 16 row garter edge to prevent rolling), on the sleeves and around the neckline.

All the details regarding yardage used can be found on my Project Page on Ravelry, but I’ll note them down here as well for anyone that is interested.




18 stitches by 24 rows per 10cm/4inches in stockinette

18 stitches by 30 rows per 10cm/4 inches in garter

Yarn Usage:

Ovelha Negra Olívia = 150 grams = 1050.1 meters or 1148.4 yards

Rowan Kidsilk Haze = 116 grams = 969.9 meters or 1060.7 yards

For a total of 266 grams = 2020 meters or 2209.1 yards

Needles Used:

5mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the hem on the body and the cuff on the sleeves (the last 20 rows) and the I-Cord Bind Off along the hem, the cuffs and the neckline.

5.5mm Addi Click Interchangeables for the majority of the sweater.


Ever since I joined in NaKniSweMo last year and had to calculate how many stitches were in the sweaters I knit, I’ve been doing that for every single project since, so this sweater would not qualify for the NaKniSweMo as it contains less than 50.000 stitches, which is the minimum requirement.

And in case you’re wondering how many stitches this sweater has, well it has 46.872 stitches this includes all the I-cord bind off as well.


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