Workshop Toe-Up Socks

Today I’ll be at Ovelha Negra from 14.00-18.00 teaching a class/workshop on how to knit toe-up socks for those who have either never knit socks, or want to learn how to knit them toe-up instead of cuff-down.


We will start with the more difficult of the techniques, which are the rounded toe and the reverse heel flap & gusset. (photo above)


Hopefully we will have enough time to also learn how to do the standard toe and then a short row heel. (see photo above).

I will also be explaining two different kinds of cast-on and bind-off techniques, and again if there is enough time I might be able to show a third way of casting on toe-up socks.

Another facet of this workshop will be determining the correct length of our feet so that we create socks that fit and how to determine where to start the heel, whether it is with a heel flap & gusset or a short row heel.




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