Tommie & her kittens

So we have a stray cat that we rescued, and she’d living on my parents’ property. About 10 weeks ago she had 3 little kittens. When we rescued her she had 2 kittens we rescued along with her, but unfortunately they didn’t survive. So with these kittens we decided to not get to close to them, but now they’re little wild cats.


Oh, in case you’re wondering, because Tommie is a stray and not a house cat, we did manage to catch her and have her sterilized, and to identify that she has been sterilized, the vet cut the tip of her left ear, which you can see in the picture above.


This little guy (we’ve confirmed this is a boy) is the more adventurous of the lot. The other two (we don’t know if they’re male or female), are more like mum.

I’m hoping these little guys will become a little less wild and will come to trust us, especially as we feed them and all.


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2 Responses to Tommie & her kittens

  1. Maemi says:

    Tommie is such a beautiful cat! And the little one is simply adorable, I hope you have fun experiences with them.

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