Knitorama Podcast – Episode 023

Welcome to the latest episode of my knitting/crafting podcast. I talk a bit about all the wild fires that are currently devastating the Portuguese country side. It’s absolutely terrible and the strong winds this past week haven’t helped the situation at all, if anything, they’ve only made matters worse. Unfortunately these wild fires have already cost several people their lives not to mention the amount of property (land and homes) that have been burnt, and people’s lives that have been disrupted. Every year it seems to get worse, I hope that the people who set these fires get caught and that justice gets done.

Now onto the shownotes for today:


Blue DragonSmaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidibears using Garnstudio Drops Delight in col 04 and Rosarios4 Merinoland in 02 on 1.5mm crochet hook.

Rainbowesce Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Suzanne Sommer using Yarn Adventures 570 in 130 Flamingo, 147 Noite Escura, 034 Stone for the moment, I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going to be adding any other colours, it depends on whether or not I have enough yarn. Knitting on 4mm Addi Clics Interchangeables.


TEST KNIT Waves CowlWaves Across the Ocean by Sally-Jane Cameron using Berry Colorful Yarnings Primary DK (formerly Squishy DK) in Stormy Skies on 4mm Addi Clics Interchangeable needles.

TEST KNIT Skipping Stones hat Skipping Stones by Sally-Jane Cameron using Berry Colorful Yarnings Primary DK (formerly Squishy DK) in Comfrey on 4mm Addi Clics Interchangeable needles.

These two patterns are part of a pattern collection called Friendship Across the Ocean which is a collaboration between Sally-Jane Cameron located in Cape Town, South Africa and her good friend Clare Devine located in Melbourne, Australia.


Make Notes notebook available from their website or store at Mar Shopping Mall in Matosinhos. The notebook I showed is from the Dogs Out collection and I also have a notebook from the Cats Out Collection. This brand is available world wide, here is the map showing in which countries you can find the Make Notes Brand, not all collections might be available world wide. If you see something you like and can’t get it where you’re at, let me know and we can do a swap!!

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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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