Spinning – Practicing for TdF

I’ve decided to join the Tour de Fleece this year, which happens at the same time that the Tour de France is going on, except you spin fiber. You can set whatever goals you like. I’ve joined team Rookie and I’ll be spinning up some Falkland Corriedale I bought from Gradience Yarns. But to warm up the wheel, so to speak, I decided to spin up some little batts that I’d received from Rosário the last time I placed an order with her.


So this is what they looked like before spinning. They weighed roughly 13-14g each.

160612-violeta at dusk-005.jpg

And here they are as a single ply.

160612-violeta at dusk-008

I then spun up some Mohair from a friend’s goat called Violeta. My firend lives in the USA and she has a mill close by that cards the fiber for her into a long piece of fiber that then gets rolled up (sorry no photo of the “before”), but this is what it looks like spun up into a single ply.

160612-violeta at dusk-009

So here are the two singles ready to be plied.

160612-violeta at dusk-015

And the finished yarn on the bobbin. I need to wind it onto my swift to see how much yarn I actually managed to spin and then hopefully it will be enough for a hat!!


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