WWKIP Day – Porto Edition

Today is the start of the WWKIP – World Wide Knit in Public, and it will continue until next week Sunday. I’ll be going to two of these events organized by two different LYS’s. Today’s event has been organized by Ovelha Negra and we’ll spending the afternoon at Passeio /  Jardim das Virtudes, from around 15.00 onwards. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun, we don’t want anyone getting sunburnt. I’ve shown on the map below how to get there from Ovelha Negra.

passeo das virtudes

Now, because I’m not sure whether we’ll be staying on the top by this statue, or actually going into the gardens, if you decide to come join us you’ll have to look for us. So, if you can’t find a large group of people knitting/crafting close to this statue, we’ll be down in the gardens which is just below this area, the green section that says Jardim Municipal do Horto das Virtudes on the map above.


I’ll be back later this evening to edit this post and show pictures of our afternoon, till then have a nice day.

So, as promised here are the photos of this afternoon. We spent a lovely afternoon knitting and chatting and enjoying the views.

160611-WWKIP Porto-002160611-WWKIP Porto-003160611-WWKIP Porto-010160611-WWKIP Porto-012160611-WWKIP Porto-019160611-WWKIP Porto-021160611-WWKIP Porto-022160611-WWKIP Porto-032160611-WWKIP Porto-040



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