Old World

Here is the progress so far on my version of the Natsumi sweater designed by Yoko Hatta for Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Volume 7. Towards the end of last year I was more or less planning the garments I wanted to knit this year, this one being one of them and then going through my stash to see if I had suitable yarn for said garments. For this sweater I did not have enough yarn in my stash, so I needed to buy some yarn and I did a bit of virtual browsing through shops until I got to the Laine et Tricot website and I saw that they had Brooklyn Tweed Loft available. I was going to knit this in the Long John colourway (which is a deep red), but unfortunately they didn’t not have the amount I needed, so instead I searched through the colours they had available that did have the right number of skeins available. None of them did, but the Old World colourway (the one featured here) was the only one who came close to the number of skeins I needed for the size I wanted to make.


Now because I didn’t have the required number of skeins I needed, I was going to have to either play yarn chicken, something I was not looking forward too, especially as this yarn is not that easy to come by, and if I did run out and needed to buy more, the lot would obviously be different. So my other option was to modify how the sweater was made, which is what I opted for. Now the original pattern has you provisionally cast on all the front stitches, the cable and shoulder section stitches, and all the back stitches and then you are knitting back and forth on all these stitches. What I decided to do was only provisionally cast on the cabled and shoulder section, and then when that is complete, I’ll pick up stitches along the bottom edge at the front and back and work the rest of the sweater downwards in the round. Then with the left over yarn I’ll knit the sleeves, and if they turn out to be short sleeves I’m OK with that.


So yarn I’m using is Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Old World colourway and I have 6 skeins, and I got gauge pre-blocking on my 4mm/US6 Addi Clic interchangeable. After blocking my gauge is off, but I’m happy with the fabric, so I’m knitting these on my 4mm/US6 needles. I think this will actually be finished quite quickly as the picture shows the progress of three evenings knitting, it’s an easy pattern repeat to memorize and the only thing you need to pay attention to is the increases and decreases. I’m hoping to have the rest of the top section completed by Saturday, so that I can pick up stitches and start knitting in the round and take it with me to the WWKIP Day Porto Edition which will be held at Passeio das Virtudes. You can see on the map below how to get there from Ovelha Negra, and you can actually walk through the park instead of around it if you want.

160527-WIP-Old World-001



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