J’s Golden Sage & Lavender Garden

Another recent finished object is a sweater I knit for the daughter of a friend of mine. I’ve shown the progress and the finished item on several episodes of my podcast, but I’ve yet to actually show it here on my blog, so here goes.

Above the yarn I used, which was chosen by the recipient herself, although she can’t actually recall doing so. It is Yarn Adventures Sock in 394 Golden Hour, 438 Grandma’s Garden and 445 Sage & Lavender. The pattern I ended up choosing was 5200K by Suvi Simola and I worked the whole sweater on my 3.5mm/US4 Addi Clic interchangeable. As yellow is the recipient’s favorite colour, that had to become the main colour on the sweater. Below you can see the first incarnation of the sweater, where I was following the pattern to the letter and alternating between all three skeins. I knit all the way to the point of separating the sleeves, but ended up putting it aside as I wasn’t really happy with the way the increases were being done and the place where I was twisting the yarns was puckering quite badly even though I made a conscious effort to not pull the yarn too tightly.

160508-WIP-j's golden garden-001

After it spent an afternoon in time-out while I quickly knit up a cowl, I decided to rip back to the garter section at the neckline and start again. I basically only used the pattern for the bottom section of the sweater, the sleeve ends and the pocket, the rest it was just a basic top down construction without any waist shaping. For the raglan increases I decided to do yarn-over’s instead of the M1L & M1R mentioned in the pattern. I did the raglan increases every other row, which turned out easy enough to memorize, as I always did them in the same colour. I alternated between the Golden Hour and Grandma’s Garden skeins up to the point where I had to separate the sleeves. At this point I did not cut the yarn of the Golden Hour as it would be in the right spot to carry on the sleeve, so I kept it to one side, and added in the Sage & Lavender skein and carried on down the rest of the body alternating skeins as I went along until I had approximately 50g of the Sage & Lavender left, at which point I cut the Grandma’s Garden skein and carried on with the bottom section as written in the pattern with only the Sage and Lavender skein.

160527-FO-j's golden sage & lavander garden-002

For the sleeves I took the number of stitches I had and decided on how many I wanted to have at the end of the sleeve and then divided that number by how many rows I wanted to knit on the sleeves, and it came out to having to do a decrease every 4th row. To not have to constantly be counting to make sure I was doing the decreases on the right row, and also because I had very little of the Grandma’s Garden left and didn’t know if it would be enough for both sleeves, I ended up doing 3 rows of Golden Hour and then using the Grandma’s Garden on the 4th round which was a decrease round. When I got to the number of stitches I wanted, I thought the length wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I added several more repeats of the 3×1 rows before starting on the cuff. I did the cuff complete in the Golden Hour colour.

160605-FO-J's golden garden-002

The only thing left to knit up was the pocket, which obviously needed to be made in the Golden Hour colour to make it pop on the sweater. The buttons I got on the day of the Yarn Crawl 2016 – Porto Edition on the 30th of May at Botónia, a shop filled with buttons on Rua de Cedofeita. Despite not having the sweater with me, I actually managed to find the perfect buttons, to add a little bit more contrast.

160605-FO-J's golden garden-005

Not only am I super pleased with the finished product, but so is the recipient who received it this past Sunday as a gift for an event she had that day.

160605-FO-J's golden garden-006

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