Baby Chevrons

When I found out that a good friend of mine was going to have a baby, I decided to make her baby something. Inicially I’d decided on a hat and a cardigan, but then I decided to make a blanket instead, as the baby would be born towards summer. I’d already decided on yarn, as I had this yarn, BMG Affinitas Baby, lying in my stash since September 2011 when I bought it specifically to knit a baby blanket, but I which I never got around to making.

160228-WIP-baby chevron-003

So, having made the yarn choice, now I had to decide on a pattern. I had enough colours to make my Mini Log Cabin blanket, but I wanted to create something different, so I looked around and ended up choosing Chevrons. I looked at several patterns and then used elements from some of them to create my own version.

160228-WIP-baby chevron-004

Ok, so the yarn I used was BMG Affinitas Baby as mentioned above, and I knit this on my 5mm/US8 Addi Clic interchangeable, and I used the following colours:

MC – 603 light yellow

CC1 – 617 dark brown

CC2 – 613 light blue

CC3 – 616 light brown

CC4 – 611 beige

160508-FO-baby chevrons-004

One stripe is one ball of yarn, except for the last (upper) stripe where I used have a ball of the CC3, then the whole ball of CC4 and then the remaining ball of CC3 as the CC4 was too similar to the MC and didn’t show too much of a contrast. The idea was for the CC3-CC4-CC3 stripe to be the center of the blanket and then add another blue stripe and another brown stripe, but by the time I was doing the yellow stripe above this section the blanket was already quite large, so I decided to end it there. It’s a perfect size for a crib blanket.

160527-FO-baby chevrons-001

I sent the blanket to my friend on the 27th of May and it got held up in Portugal until the 31st of May due to the public holiday, but surprisingly enough, despite this delay in Portugal my friend received the package on the 3rd of June and was super pleased it.

160527-FO-baby chevrons-003


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4 Responses to Baby Chevrons

  1. Uau!! Ficou linda 😁
    És uma tricotadeira de mão cheia! 😊

  2. Maemi says:

    The blanket is gorgeous 😀 It looks wonderfully soft, I’m so glad it reached on time 🙂

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