Rota das Linhas 2016 / Yarn Crawl 2016 Part 5

…… Leaving our “Portuguese” experience, we turned left upon exiting the shop walking down Rua dos Clérigos, crossing Rua do Almada, onto Praça da Liberdade, where we crossed to the center square and stopped to admire the view of the Town Hall up on the hill to our left and the new Intercontinental Hotel on our right. We then continued onto Rua de Sá da Bandeira passed the old theater and then made a right onto Rua de Passos Manuel for our next destination, Armazem dos Linhos, another fabric shop. Armazem dos Linhos was founded in 1905 and was originally a tailor.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-080

During the 1950’s the shop’s focus was on manufacture and the trade of printed fabrics using original and traditional Portuguese patterns. This family owned business threatened to close its doors in 2011 due to lack of progeny to pass the shop onto, but Filipa and Leonor Pinto Basto saved the day. These two ladies bought the shop and not only revived the shop but also changed to the focus of the business to create something unique. They decided to revive the production of the Alcobaça Chintz fabric, which is part of the Portuguese heritage. You can buy the fabrics in their shop, but they have also produced a line of items which they sell and which are made from these printed fabrics. I should also add that all these items are 100% Portuguese made.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-081160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-082160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-083

The day was slowly winding down by this time, and we were all getting tired, but we carried onto our next destination, by climbing further uphill on Rua de Passos Manuel until we reached Rua Santa Catarina where we turend left and walked past the well known Café Majestic, another emblematic building in Porto, again totally worth the visit.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-084

We walked past the Via Catarina Mall which was decorated for the upcoming Municipal Festivities and then another left onto Rua de Fernandes Tómas where we walked downhill to Mercado do Bolhão, again a very well known location in Porto and a must see, although at the moment, due to a renovation that is going to take place there is a lot of scaffolding, so that detracts from the beauty of this building. Regardless, for me this is a place I love to visit and just walk through, although I remember coming here with my grandparents as a kid and buying all sort of produce. We only stopped at one of the entrances to take some photos and then headed to another fabric shop as Naná was looking for a specific type of fabric, which she’d not been able to find yet.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-085

By this time we all decided we’d like nothing better than to sit down somewhere and enjoy a nice cool beverage and maybe a snack, so we walked down Rua de Sá da Bandeira until we reached Praça de Dom João I. 

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-086

Here we crossed the street by the Rivoli Theater onto Rua do Bomjardim before it merged right back into Rua de Sá da Bandeira and we arrived at São Bento Train Station. I know I’m repeating myself here, but again this train station is very well known here in Porto and another great tourist attraction, as the main hall of the building depicts various scenes all hand-painted onto tiles. We didn’t go in and walked passed it onto Rua das Flores where we made a quick stop at Retrosaria das Flores (I didn’t take any photos here).

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-092160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-103160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-104

We found the perfect location to rest our feet at Jeronymo’s Café where I enjoyed a refreshing pineapple & mint smoothie and a chicken pie which was delicious. When food and drink were consumed we delighted the tourists by taking our knitting out and knitting. Apparently photos were taken of us knitting by some Asian tourist, which is fine by me. When the wind rose and it started to get a bit chilly we headed back up Rua das Flores, taking a left on Rua dos Caldeireiros followed by an almost immediate right onto Largo dos Lóios and followed that towards the left until it crossed with Rua dos Clerigos, where we crossed the street and headed up Rua do Almada, making a quick stop at Almada 13 to get some lovely slices of Miss Pavlova, but unfortunately it was closed. We continued on Rua do Almada until we reached Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre where we turned left and continued walking uphill onto Rua de Ceuta (crossing over the tunnel) and then a right onto Rua de José Falcão all the way to the very end. Here we only crossed the road and took several steps to the left to once again reach Ovelha Negra. The ladies collected their purchases from Joana B, somehow managed to stuff everything into their bags and after a quick goodbye, we all headed back to the metro station.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-106160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-107

(Above a lovely unexpected gift I received from Paula)

At the metro station we said goodbye to Ana as she was headed in the opposite direction to us and then I waited with the remaining ladies to catch the metro to the Airport. I said my goodbyes on the metro as I neared my stop and wished them a safe flight back down to Lisboa and Faro.

So that was our Yarn Crawl Porto Edition. Obviously this will need to be repeated again, whether here in Porto or in Lisboa, or somewhere else, I’m thinking maybe Coimbra. I hope you enjoyed taking this virtual trip with me, maybe next time you’ll be able to experience it all for yourself.



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2 Responses to Rota das Linhas 2016 / Yarn Crawl 2016 Part 5

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  2. Maria José Andrade says:

    Foi uma boa experiência, a repetir.
    Também voto em Coimbra ! Temos que dizer às outras ladies 🙂

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