Rota das Linhas 2016 / Yarn Crawl 2016 Part 2

…… We left Ovelha Negra and turned onto Rua das Oliveiras where I pointed out some artwork by my favourite graffiti artist, Hazul , before continuing onto Praça de Carlos Alberto heading towards our next destination, Lopo Xavier.


Lopo Xavier is one of the oldest yarn shops in existence in Porto, if not the oldest. It was founded in 1934 by Lopo Xavier and his business partner Idalino Pacheco. In 1972 the gentlemen invited their employees, Arnaldo Sotto-Mayor, Bernardino Ribeiro da Silva and Mário Martins Ribeiro to become part owners and board members. Throughout the years, the shop has managed to maintain its tradition of providing 100% Portuguese yarn which is great to use in colourwork or any other item of clothing you might want to make, despite the loss of the original founders and several of their board members throughout the years. The last surviving owner was Bernardino Ribeira da Silva  who I met on several occasions while visiting the shop since my return to Portugal, and who sadly passed away in 2013. To carry on the legacy and tradition of the shop, the daughters of the late Mr. Bernardino have taken over the running of the shop and now offer a variety of yarns, other than their famous Lopo Xavier 100% Portuguese yarn as well as fabric and you can even request them to make you outfits.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-006

One of the most emblematic things for me, is that they continue to use the original labels designed by the founders for their Elis, Phoebus and Trianon yarns.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-008160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-009160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-010

After our brief visit it was time to head to the next location, and I must add here that our Yarn Crawl was not only focused on yarn shops, as we’d be done by now, no we will be visiting other craft shops in Porto, which are all worth a visit. It is time we move onto our next location.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-007

We turned left on leaving Lopo Xavier and walked past the entrance to Hospital da Ordem do Carmo onto Rua de Cedofeita where we were joined by Sara outside our next destination, Botónia. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can tell you about this shop as it doesn’t have a website, and so I wasn’t able to find out how long it has been in existence. The only thing I can say is that this is a shop almost literally filled to the rafters with buttons from modern to vintage as well as beads, zippers and some other bits and bobs. They will even re-string your necklaces should they break.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-011

I made a purchase as this shop as I found exactly the buttons I needed to complete the sweater I’ve been making and which just needs some finishing touches (sewing in ends and such).

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-012160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-013160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-014160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-015160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-016160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-017

Purchases made, we were ready for our final destination before lunch……


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