Rota das Linhas 2016 / Yarn Crawl 2016 Part 1

Last year Naná and her friends Paula, Maria and Ana decided to create their own version of a Yarn Crawl in Lisboa, visiting not only yarn shops but other craft related shops as well. It was such a success, they decided to recreate it, but this time up North in Porto. As they’d decided on today, a work day I wasn’t going to join, but due to some reshuffling of my vacation days due to work obligations, I took the day off so I could join them on their Porto Yarn Crawl, as an extra bonus, I got to have a 5 day weekend as last week Thursday was a Public Holiday and I took Friday off as well.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-005

Due to the nature of the information I’ll be providing of our Yarn Crawl and to do this day justice, this would become an extremely long post, so therefore I’ve decided to chop it up into sections, and you’ll be reading about today over the next several days, hence the Part 1 in the title.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-004

The day for me started at 08.30am, but Naná’s day started at 03.30am as she was flying into Porto from Faro (all the way in the South of the Country), and Paula & Maria’s day started roughly around 05.30am, as they too were flying into Porto but from Lisboa. I made sure to check the itinerary for the day, just in case I missed the ladies at the starting point, Metro station Trindade. I caught the metro around 09.30 and got to Trindade at 09.43, so I had a while to wait for the 10am meeting time. To while away the time, I positioned myself close to the exit and spent the next 17 minutes people watching, which was quite fun, as you saw people taking their time, others rushing around.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-002

Finally the ladies arrived and we waited around for about 5 minutes to see if anyone else was joining us, and then made a quick coffee break before heading to our first destination. I should point out here that not only was this the Port Yarn Crawl Edition, but also a “mini” podcaster meet-up as Naná has a podcast as well.

160530-yarn crawl Porto 2016-001

We left the cafe and headed down Rua Clube dos Fenianos and turned right on Rua do Dr. Ricardo Jorge walking uphill and crossing Rua do Almada (well known for its hardware shops), further uphill past Rua da Picaria and onwards onto Rua da Conceição, passing the lovely shop Mercado 48 (well worth a visit if you have the time) and stopping at no. 100, our first official stop on the Yarn Crawl, Ovelha Negra  where we were met by the ever lovely and welcoming Joana N, owner of this fabulous yarn shop founded in 2009. While for me this is my LYS, the visiting ladies sure made use of their time to browse and take photos and obviously lighten their purse by making some purchases, which they were able to leave behind and which we would be picking up at the end of the day. Maria José joined us while we were at the shop and when all purchases were completed we headed onto our next stop. We had to make a slight adjustment to the itinerary as the next shop wasn’t actually open at the moment, so we shuffled some things around and then headed onto our next location……


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