Spotlight on Dona Amélia Yarn

I recently completed two projects using the Dona Amélia yarn from Ovelha Negra.


100% wool, bulky weight

50g = 80m / 88yds

4.5mm – 6mm / US7-US9

Needs to be rinsed thoroughly before leaving it to soak as it does contain some lanolin / spinning oil.


So the first project I knit was a cowl commissioned by Joana N from Ovelha Negra as she’d had some negative feedback regarding the yarn. She specifically requested me to make a cowl with cables, which is exactly what I did. I went through my pattern books and came up with several cables I liked and then combined the two in the best way possible and this is the end result.

160521-FO-Amelia's gold-003.jpg

Because I am a tight knitter, I decided to knit on 7mm needles with this yarn and the end result is perfect. If you have sensitive skin this yarn might seem rough / rustic, but it’s actually quite lovely to work with, and despite being slightly tweedy, it has great stitch definition. The yarn softens up quite a bit after rinsing, and if you want to soften it even more, I suggest leaving it to soak with some wool wash, or hair conditioner, although I didn’t do that.

160521-FO-Amelia's gold-005

My next project using the same yarn but different colours is the famous Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith a free pattern on Ravelry designed for the 2016 Shetland Wool Week. Now the pattern calls for worsted yarn, and this yarn is bulky, so I knew the end product was going to be quite a bit bigger than called for, but as this is 100% you always have the option to felt it, which I opted out of.


For this project I went with 4mm/US6 for the ribbing and 4.5mm/US7 needles for the rest of the hat. I love this yarn for colourwork, the tweed gives a nice effect to the finished item, it adds little specs of unexpected colour adding depth to you work. I highly recommend this yarn for colourwork.

160521-FO-Baa-ble goes Ameilia-002160521-FO-Baa-ble goes Ameilia-003160521-FO-Baa-ble goes Ameilia-005

So as expected, the hat came out slightly big, and I really considered felting it, but in the end decided that it would serve its purpose quite well as is, and now the only thing that is missing is a nice big pompom, which I’ll be making with the blue, white and green yarn.

160521-FO-Baa-ble goes Ameilia-004

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