RGO Bags in New York

So a while back a friend of mine currently living in NYC asked me to make her a large project bag. She chose the fabrics she liked most and I made a large and a small one. Last week the package was finally sent to her and she received it yesterday and was super pleased with it. So now I can finally show what I sent.

160326-dora's project bags-008

So I wrapped up the present super nice, but decided to “hide” it by wrapping it up in this old paper bag that I cut up and then added a little drawing.

160326-dora's project bags-006

And inside was the project bag she asked me to make, and I sent her an extra project bag, my smaller size and some stitch markers I made.

160326-dora's project bags-001160326-dora's project bags-005160326-dora's project bags-004160326-dora's project bags-003160326-dora's project bags-002160313-project bags-003


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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One Response to RGO Bags in New York

  1. dora duro says:

    Ola Raquel,
    Sim foi uma grande surpresa a tua. Muito obrigada pelo teu carinho. Fica bem. E nota: adorei o embrulho esconderijo!! e o detalhe dos marcadores idem…
    Muito grata, beijinhos.

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