Productive Weekend

I had a super productive weekend, I managed to complete 8 bags; 1 large, 1 X-large, 1 tote and 5 medium sized.

First up, two commissions, a large similar to one I’d made for myself over Christmas, and a medium, also similar to one I’d previously made.


These three were completed on Saturday, and I started my XL bag.


The smaller medium sized bag at the front, in the traveling print, is mine, the other two are commissions.


And two more medium sized bags…


This one is available, if anyone is interested (I’ve run out of the polka dot fabric and don’t know if I can get my hands on it again, but the other fabric I still have enough of to make at least 2 more bags)


These “twins” are “one-of-a-kind” bags, as I don’t have any more of the purple flower fabric, this was a fat quarter I bought at a fabric store during my holiday at the end of last year. One of these is available, the other one is mine.


My XL bag which I started on Saturday and only finished on Sunday after I got the request to make some more bags.

160221-simplicity & friendship-001160221-simplicity & friendship-002160221-simplicity & friendship-003160221-simplicity & friendship-004160221-simplicity & friendship-005160221-simplicity & friendship-006160221-simplicity & friendship-007

And here is my tote. I’d originally started this as a different bag, but decided that it wasn’t worth it and it would have been a waste not to use the fabric, so I turned it into a tote. Not bad for a first attempt.

160221-psychedelic tote-001160221-psychedelic tote-002160221-psychedelic tote-003160221-psychedelic tote-004160221-psychedelic tote-005


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