AKL – Ovelha – February

Two weeks ago I went to All Knit Long hosted at Ovelha Negra on every 1st Thursday of the month, and as usual, it was a great blast. And we had a lot of finished items.

Mellow Sweater in Amélia by Cristina J.

160204-AKL-february 2016-003

Deep End Shawl in Olívia by Raquel M.

160204-AKL-february 2016-005

Ishbel in Dona Amélia (I think) by Raquel M.

160204-AKL-february 2016-006

A lovely Cape/Shawl & Mellow Sweater by Tata (don´t know what yarn)

160204-AKL-february 2016-011

Concentrating on knitting…

160204-AKL-february 2016-012160204-AKL-february 2016-013

Rusty keeping my seat warm.

160204-AKL-february 2016-015

New dollies in the shop, they´re really cute and very well made

160204-AKL-february 2016-027160204-AKL-february 2016-028160204-AKL-february 2016-029

Rusty found the Alpaca Yarn from Monte Frio Alpaca´s and “fell in love” with this white/brown ball of it, he just wouldn´t stop sniffing it.

160204-AKL-february 2016-030160204-AKL-february 2016-031

Raquel M. showing off her and her aunt Rosa´s Boardwalk, I think Raquel´s was knit in Victoria and Rosa´s was knit in Olívia.

160204-AKL-february 2016-032160204-AKL-february 2016-033

A new shawl in the making by Avelina using the brand new Ofélia

160204-AKL-february 2016-034

Raquel´s projects all in a row, the front one (beige one) is Sunburnt in Amélia I believe

160204-AKL-february 2016-035

Jovita was wearing her Wake in Rowan Felted Tweed I believe.

160204-AKL-february 2016-036160204-AKL-february 2016-037

Paula brought her brioche cowl made from a Zauberball & Victoria yarn

160204-AKL-february 2016-038160204-AKL-february 2016-039160204-AKL-february 2016-040160204-AKL-february 2016-041

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