I’ve had my spinning wheel for roughly 18 months now, but wasn’t able to really get any decent singles. So I put the wheel away for a while, and in the meantime bought some Craftsy classes and watched them and learned.

Last weekend I was dog sitting at the farm and I decided I was going to sit down and practice the techniques I’d learned from the Craftsy classes, and what do you know, SUCCESS!!!

Here’s my first single that I’m so happy with. I forgot to take a picture of the braid before starting to spin in, but it was gifted to me by Rosário (dona maria) when I bought the spinning wheel from her. It was a lovely braid in rainbow colours, as you can see from the single that I managed to spin.

160206-spinning-rainbow singles-001

It’s not all even, there are some thick-and-thin bits, but I think I managed to get the majority of it to be pretty much even.

160206-spinning-rainbow singles-002160206-spinning-rainbow singles-005

So, I still had another braid to spin up, but I’d not taken it along with me and I was planning on spinning it up during this weekend, but as it happened, the company I work for decided to be extremely generous this year and gave us Carnaval day off, so Tuesday morning, after taking the dogs out for a long walk, I sat down and started on the 2nd braid.

150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-021

This braid was again gifted to me by Rosário, last year as a birthday present. And this is the result…


Now I had two bobbins filled with singles, and it was time to ply them together.

160209-spinning-two singles make 1-001160209-spinning-two singles make 1-002160209-spinning-two singles make 1-004

The plying together definitely needs more work, but I’m super happy with my first ever handspun yarn. I managed to get roughly 274.5m in two skeins with a total of 191g. I still need to wash the yarn and dry it before even thinking of what I’m going to be making out of it, most likely a cowl or a hat.

160209-spinning-two singles make 1-005160209-spinning-two singles make 1-006160209-spinning-two singles make 1-008160209-spinning-two singles make 1-007


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