Midas 5km Doggy Walk

Midas is a non-profit organization here in Portugal that tries to look after the welfare of abandoned animals, and they organized a doggy walk along the beach in Matosinhos, which I participated in. I believe there were a total of a 130 participants in the walk, so you can imagine what a large group we were all walking our dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Here’s a small sampling of the photos I took of that walk.

160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-001160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-005160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-013160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-015160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-022160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-026160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-036160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-037160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-044160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-053160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-054160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-055160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-063160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-064160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-067160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-068160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-071160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-080160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-081160117-midas-caominhada dos reis-082

About rgoriginals

I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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