Ofélia by Ovelha Negra

Just a quick break in the patterns I’ve been showing that I plan to knit this year to showcase Ovelha Negra‘s brand new yarn, Ofélia, which is very similar to Holst Garn Supersoft, a yarn I personally love, even though it’s considered rustic. So without further ado, I’ll let you drool over the gorgeous colours.

160116-ofelia ovelha negra-002160116-ofelia ovelha negra-017160116-ofelia ovelha negra-003160116-ofelia ovelha negra-009160116-ofelia ovelha negra-008160116-ofelia ovelha negra-004160116-ofelia ovelha negra-013160116-ofelia ovelha negra-010160116-ofelia ovelha negra-011160116-ofelia ovelha negra-014160116-ofelia ovelha negra-005160116-ofelia ovelha negra-007160116-ofelia ovelha negra-015160116-ofelia ovelha negra-012160116-ofelia ovelha negra-006160116-ofelia ovelha negra-016160116-ofelia ovelha negra-018

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