Joji’s Fall KAL 2015 – All Projects

Here are my 4 finished projects for the Joji Fall KAL 2015. I signed up for 4 projects, not really thinking I was going to be able to complete them all, as there are always other things to knit, but I managed to finish all 4 projects within the time limit, which was until November 30, 2015.

151206-JFK2015-FO-4 projects-001

I started with the cowl, figuring that would be quickest knit of the lot, even though I did have a WIP that should have been finished first. I didn’t want to buy yarn for this, so I used up  the left overs of my Cockatoo Brae and another sweater I’d knit some time ago.

YARN: Garnstudio Drops Alpaca in dark grey (0517m), light grey (9020, two different lots) and bright green (2916).

NEEDLES: 3.25mm Knitpro Novas (metal) interchangeable.

MODS: one extra repeat in the green section to use up all the yarn (2g left over), 2 extra repeats on lace section.

Start/Finish Date: 07 September – 13 September, 2015

150913-FO-JFK2015-01-grey green alpaca-001

And here it is being modeled by Mr. Rusty, a bit unwillingly, but my usual model was nowhere to be seen.

151206-JFK2015-FO-greys & green alpaca-002

151206-JFK2015-FO-greys & green alpaca-003

Next project for the KAL was the shawl I’d decided on, Imagine When, which I renamed Imagine Solis because of the yarn I’d used. I ended up knitting this shawl twice, as the first time I used the recommended needle size, but I basically finished the shawl, and it was tiny, so I went up two needles sizes and got a nice sized shawl

YARN: Malabrigo Sock in 809 Solis

NEEDLES: 5mm Addi Clics (metal interchangeable)

MODS: no modifications at all, followed the pattern.

Start/Finish Date: 13 September – 27 September, 2015 (with knitting it twice, it took approximately 5 days in reality)

151206-JFK2015-FO-imagine solis-002

151206-JFK2015-FO-imagine solis-003

And my beautiful reluctant model again showing off this fantastic shawl.

151206-JFK2015-FO-imagine solis-004

Next I finally decided to get that WIP out of the way so that I could concentrate fully on the cardigan I wanted to knit. So out came my Opposites cardigan that I started last year November.

YARN: WO Natur Aran natural

NEEDLES: 6mm Addi Clics (metal interchangeables) for the back section and then 7mm Addi Clics (metal interchangeables) for the rest of the cardigan

MODS: knit the back section a little bit longer and did the repeats around as many times necessary to create a comfortable fit.

Start/Finish Date: 14 November 2014 – 11 October 2015

Being modeled by my friend Carolina.


And finally my 4th and last project for the KAL the Old Romance, dubbed Persian Romance by me because I was going to be using some of the Malabrigo Sock in Persia colorway, but in the end changed my mind about that colourway. I didn’t change the name of the project though.

YARN: Malabrigo Sock in 805 Alcaucil (main body color) and Abuelita Yarns Merino 3 ply in 4373 Niebla (contrast color for the sleeves).

NEEDLES: 4mm Addi Clics (metal) interchangeable throughout

MODS: did the short row section for the under sleeves with less stitches between the the turns, so more rows before doing the 3 needle bind-off (both on the back and the fronts).

Start/Finish Date: 03 November – 24 November, 2015

151128-FO-KAL-persian romance-001

151128-FO-KAL-persian romance-002

151128-FO-KAL-persian romance-004

151128-FO-KAL-persian romance-005



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