Phoenix Hat

Another test knit completed earlier this year in June this time, and I can’t remember if I showed it off here or not, so here goes. The Phoenix Hat is now available on Ravelry. All proceeds of the sale of this hat go towards buying  necessary items (mostly toiletries) for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit in Cape Town, South Africa.

150607-FO-TK-phoenix hat-002

Sally Jane (aka PinkHairGirl) designed the hat to continue supporting the charity that her daughter Rachel picked out earlier this year. I tested this hat in the Adult XS size and it’s been delivered to it’s lucky recipient. The pattern is very well written, extremely clear to follow and super easy. Definitely great to use with variegated, self striping or solid yarn.

150604-WIP-TK-phoenix hat-003

And modeled by the recipient. (photo courtesy of Fernanda)


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