Ovelha Negra’s Summer KAL

Ovelha Negra decided to do a KAL to promote their recently released Olívia yarn. They decided on the lovely top by La Maison Rililie, SpliTTop. At first I didn’t know if I was going to join the KAL or not, as I have plenty on the needles, and I recently started another sweater, did I really want two sweaters/tops on the needles at the same time?!?!?!

ovelhanegra-olivia-34-4x-2015.07.25 ovelhanegra-olivia-50-1x-2015.07.25

Well, I really liked the top they chose to knit for the KAL, and having seen Joana’s finished one, I decided I’d like my own version. So at the last minute, the day before the trip to the Botanical Gardens, I sent them an email asking them to please bring along the necessary skeins so I could join the KAL.

150726-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-002

There are a total of 33 participants in this KAL, all making this top, and all using a variety of colour combinations. It only took me a week to complete, and I really enjoyed knitting it. The yarn is great, I’m not a great cotton fan, but this combination of cotton/merino is a delight to work with, I’ll definitely be using it again in the future.

150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-003 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-009 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-005 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-008 150803-KAL Ovelha Negra-SpliTtop-006


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