Birthday Haul – Part 4

Having acquired some stash over the years since I’ve been knitting, I’ve been able to store it mostly in the living room “hidden” in some boxes I bought at Ikea. But on the 5th of June we went to the Emaus Annual Sale (they’re open year round, but in June they usually have a large sale) where I saw a gorgeous antique glass/wood cabinet which is absolutely perfect for storing my yarn in. So my parents gifted it for my birthday 🙂

150621-2015 bday gifts-001

I still have to clean it properly, fix the drawers, as they were stuck and I have to remove the inside as they were used to store cutlery. There are 2 glass shelves and a mirror on the back and on the bottom, so it will look like my stash multiplied once it’s all in there. When I’m ready I’ll come back and show how I’ve currently been storing my yarn and then how my new cabinet looks with all my yarn in it.

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