WIP – Westknit’s 2014 MKAL – Exploration Station – Update

I’ve also done some more knitting on my version of last year’s Stephen West MKAL – Exploration Station. When I stopped I’d just completed the first part of section 2, the brioche section.

150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-002

Above the brioche is the 2nd part of the 2nd clue which is the sassy stitches, and then I started on section 3 (below)



150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-001

and I’m finally on section 4, but there are over 400 sts on the needles right now and I’m using Alpaca yarn which at the moment is not very conducive to knitting due to the heatwave we’re having here in Portugal. Temperatures have been over 30C for several days now. I’ll pick this up again when my Blue Harvest is finished, but then only during the evenings when it’s cooler.

150621-WIP-westknits mkal 2014-003


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