WIP – Sock Yarn Blanket

So it’s been ages since I showed my sock yarn blanket, and I’ve made quite a lot of progress. I believe last time I showed it I’d shown the first section of 42 blocks.

150118-WIP-left over mitered blanket-003_1

In the meantime I acquired the yarn for the border, Garnstudio Drops Fabel in color 107 Navy and added 2 sections of the border along with 4 “center” squares using Tiger variegated sock yarn.

150510-WIP-sock yarn mitered blanket-001

150524-WIP-sock yarn mitered blanket-001

I started section 2 on the 17th of May and have been working on it off and on over the last month. Last week at the WWKIP Day in Aveiro I was at this point, having added 21 squares of section 2.

150607-WIP-sock yarn blanket-001 150607-WIP-sock yarn blanket-002

During the WWKIP Day I added one (the brownish one) and a half squares, and later in the evening I finished the half square (the purple one) – it’s the project in the bottom right hand corner of the following picture.

150613-WWKIP 2015 Aveiro-028

Since then I finished another 15 and a half squares, and this is how far I am at the moment.

150621-WIP-sock yarn blanket-001

I’m hoping to finish this 2nd section today and then I’ll put it to the side again for a little bit while I finish off my Blue Harvest which is also almost complete. Below the squares I added since the WWKIP Day last week, remember the last one I was working on then was the dark purple one (2 rows in and 2 rows down from the top left of the picture). I’ve already used quite a lot of yarn from the swap I did with Isabel.

150621-WIP-sock yarn blanket-002

Once this section is complete I’ll add a complete list of yarns I used in these 42 squares, like I did for section 1 in this post.


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