Progress Update – Japan Love

141123-WIP-japanese sleeves-001


I started this sweater back in February, but other things came in the way of finishing. The lace part of the sleeves actually knit up fairly fast.

150301-WIP-Japan Love-001 150301-WIP-Japan Love-002

And the rest of the sweater has been steadily growing and I finished the ribbing at the bottom and the neck, leaving only the ribbing on the sleeves to go.

150412-WIP-japan love-001

I tried the sweater on, putting all the stitches on some waste yarn, when I finished the first skein of pink yarn. It looked rather short, so I decided to attach the second skein and carry on. Now that I finished the ribbing at the bottom and at the neck, I think the sweater is too long!!!

150412-WIP-japan love-002

But I’m not going to undo it until after I’ve blocked it, and then I’ll make sure to block it for width and not length. If I’m still not happy with it, I might undo the ribbing and about 5-10 off the bottom, we’ll see.


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