Cape Point Dona Maria Style

So here’s the completed cowl that I made with the yarns I received from Rosario. Oh and I forgot to mention that the pattern is Cape Point Cowl by Sally-Jane Cameron (PinkHairGirl on Ravelry). Sally-Jane is South African and she created a lovely book of knitting patterns called Mzansi: South Africa on My Needles. I want to knit every single one of the patterns in the book. I love it, it reminds me of my time in South Africa and brings back a lot of memories. So here is the first pattern, made even more special because I used handspun given to me by my friend.

150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-001 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-001 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-007 150228-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-008 150228-encontro tricot fevereiro-001 150301-WIP-Cape Point Dona Maria Style-005 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-001 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-002 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-003 150307-FO-cape point dona maria style-005


I used as much as possible of the handspun, and this is what was left over, these “scraps” will be used in my “Left Over Blanket”.



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