Ovelha Negra – Victoria – The Swatches

Ok, so in my previous post I showed you the wonderful range of colours in the new yarn by Ovelha Negra. Well, here are the various swatches that were on show.

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-008

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-044 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-045 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-046 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-047 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-048 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-049 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-050 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-051 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-052

And Joana N. is making a lovely cardigan in the gorgeous orange/pumpkin colour.

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-041 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-042 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-043


(this is rather a difficult colour to photograph, I’d say that the picture in the middle is the one more true to life)


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