Ovelha Negra – Victoria – the Yarn

So this past Saturday there were 2 Yarny events, one in Coimbra and one in Porto. Seeing as I couldn’t go to both, I opted to go to the one in Porto, it being closer to home and all. It was well worth it, the company alone is always worth a visit to Ovelha Negra, but this time there was something special, because it was the “presentation” of Ovelha’s own yarn line/brand called Victoria.

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-002

Victoria is available in two “weights” of yarn, a fingering (the top half of the cabinet) and a lace (the bottom half of the cabinet) in an array of colours as you can clearly see. Shall we take a closer look…

The fingering weight – 50g/200m/220yds in 22 colours

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-003

How about an even closer look, shall we….

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-022 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-023 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-024 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-025 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-026 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-027 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-028 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-029 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-030 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-031


The lace weight – 50g/350m/385yds in 17 colours

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-004


and a closer look…

150207-ovelha negra-yarn-032 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-033 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-034 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-035 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-036 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-037 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-038 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-039 150207-ovelha negra-yarn-040


As you can see from the pictures, the colours are gorgeous and it was extremely hard to walk out of the shop without any of these cute little “cakes”. This is 100% Portuguese yarn, so it’s a bit “rustic”, not the uber soft merino type yarns, but to tell you the truth I don’t particularly mind much, I loved the touch, especially having handled some finished items.


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5 Responses to Ovelha Negra – Victoria – the Yarn

  1. Joana Nossa says:

    Wow! Que fotografias maravilhosas Raquel! Muito obrigada!

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