Monte Frio Alpacas

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and her daughter from Monte Frio Alpacas last week Saturday while at Ovelha Negra. Lisa is the owner of Monte Frio Alpacas where she raises her alpacas, I believe she said she had 15 of them, and spins their fleece.

150124-monte frio alpaca-007

The yarn she hand spins is 100% alpaca in gorgeous colours, all natural. She’s also managed to find a mill willing to spin her alpaca yarn on a larger scale. However this yarn is an 75% alpaca 25% wool blend. She also has some 100% sheep wool that is being dyed with natural products (leaves, flowers etc.)

150124-monte frio alpaca-001 150124-monte frio alpaca-002 150124-monte frio alpaca-003 150124-monte frio alpaca-004 150124-monte frio alpaca-005

Some swatch samples to show of the amazing natural colours.

150124-monte frio alpaca-009 150124-monte frio alpaca-010 150124-monte frio alpaca-013

You are also able to buy some alpaca fleece to have a go at spinning it yourself, I’m not quite there yet, but maybe in the future.

150124-monte frio alpaca-008

And two skeins of yarn that I got to bring home with me (top one is a light brown, bottom one is a darker brown). I have to finish some other projects first, but then I’ll be winding these up into my yarn cakes and starting on some colourwork, most likely a cowl, we’ll see.

150125-yarn-002 150125-yarn-004


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