Self Striping Socks

Ok, so I’ve listening to a whole bunch of knitting related podcasts lately, one of which is InasKnit hosted by the lovely Sarah (mrsshoo) and Kristi (krisluvswool) on Ravelry and Instagram. I’ve been watching them on Youtube, and I’ve been having a blast hearing them talk, show off their projects and generally having a good time.

Now Sarah is really into sock knitting, it seems she has a pair on the needles almost every single episode and she was constantly mentioning the OMG heel by Megan Williams, so I decided to check it out as the main reason I don’t do toe-up socks is because I don’t like the way the heels get done. So I’m going to try it out (the toe-up version) and decided on some self striping yarn by Regia from their Design Collection called Jazz Color by Erika Knight.


Guess we’ll see how it goes.

So, just to finish, I want to thank both Kristi & Sarah for being the lovely people they are, and to keep up their fantastic job, because I’m now officially hooked on their podcast. Oh yeah, and for being enablers, I’ve seen some gorgeous yarns I’ve never even heard of before. Go check out their site, their group on ravelry by the same name and their youtube channel.


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2 Responses to Self Striping Socks

  1. Hi ! Love the jazz color šŸ™‚

    If you like self striping yarns, you will love the hand dyed Biscotte Yarns here : !!

    Nice blog by the way !!

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