Ovelha Negra & Knitting Get-together

So today I headed on over to Ovelha Negra in the morning and spent some time with Joana N. while Sabine was giving her workshop of felted slippers.

150124-workshop felted mittens-002 150124-workshop felted mittens-003 150124-workshop felted mittens-004 150124-workshop felted mittens-005 150124-workshop felted mittens-006

While the workshop was going on, I took some photos of the newly arrived Cotton in scrumptious colors.

150124-ovelha-001 150124-ovelha-002 150124-ovelha-003 150124-ovelha-004

In the afternoon instead of having the monthly knitting get-together at the usual spot, I persuaded the ladies to join me at Ovelha Negra where we stayed until about 18.30 before heading out. (and as per usual, it’s kind of hard to get any decent photos of knitters in action, too much moved going on 🙂 )

150124-encontro janeiro-001 150124-encontro janeiro-002

Oh, and look at these beauties, unfortunately I don’t have any information on them, so if you’re interested, please contact the shop.

150124-ovelha-008 150124-ovelha-009 150124-ovelha-010 150124-ovelha-011


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