Christmas Market in Matosinhos

Yesterday I went for a walk around the Christmas Market in Matosinhos, it’s fairly small compared to the ones I used to go to in The Netherlands, but still quite nice. Also it’s a lot more handmade stuff than I remember seeing the NL versions, but then again, those were quite some time ago, so I might be remembering wrong.

141221-feira natal matosinhos-001 141221-feira natal matosinhos-002 141221-feira natal matosinhos-003 141221-feira natal matosinhos-004 141221-feira natal matosinhos-005 141221-feira natal matosinhos-006 141221-feira natal matosinhos-007 141221-feira natal matosinhos-008 141221-feira natal matosinhos-009 141221-feira natal matosinhos-010 141221-feira natal matosinhos-011 141221-feira natal matosinhos-012 141221-feira natal matosinhos-013


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I love to travel and do crafts and spend time with friends and my dogs
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