Test Knit – Jonathan by Lee Meredith

Another Test Knit revealed. Jonathan by Lee Meredith has been released, so I can finally show some photos of my finishes scarf/cowl. The only modification I made to the pattern during the test knit was to add a button band so that I could turn it into a cowl if I wanted.

141115-TK-jonathans goat-007 141115-TK-jonathans goat-008 141115-TK-jonathans goat-009 141115-TK-jonathans goat-010

I managed to find some suitable buttons in my “button stash”.

141115-TK-jonathans goat-011 141115-TK-jonathans goat-006 141115-TK-jonathans goat-012 141115-TK-jonathans goat-015

Because of the Brioche stitch this is going to be great for those really chilly days, as you can see Jojo approves 100%, she was very reluctant to give it up as a matter of fact…

141115-TK-jonathans goat-013 141115-TK-jonathans goat-001 141115-TK-jonathans goat-002 141115-TK-jonathans goat-003 141115-TK-jonathans goat-004 141115-TK-jonathans goat-014


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