Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian at Serralves Part 4

The “Families”:

141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-052 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-054 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-055 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-057


The installation of large-scale mirror works produced by Monir since re-establishing her studio in Tehran in 2004 reveal how the compositional and structural principles established earlier in her work were subject to new spatial improvisations.

141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-058 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-059 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-060 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-061 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-063 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-064 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-065 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-067 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-068

The flamboyant Murqanas, based on the repetitive system of niches marking the transition between the dome and it’s base in the columns of Islamic Architecture, the ambitious series of mirror reliefs based on the geometric families of spatial coordiantes, from the triangle to the decagon, and the most recent, stainless steel sculpture Square redefine the surrounding space through multiple reflections of light and movement. The perceptual shifts provoked by these works find energetic expression in the artist’s most recent drawings in which line and colour produce yet again new and reverberating geometries.

141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-073 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-074


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