Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian at Serralves Part 3

Some more text copied from the walls at Serralves:

Monir began making her geometric reliefs following a visit in 1975 with the American artists Robert Morris and Marcia Hafif to the holy Shah Cheragh in Shiraz. Inspired by the mathematical basis of the mirror work and Islamic pattern as demonstrated to her by master craftsman Ostad Navid, she studies Sufi cosmology and the symbolism of geometric form in Islamic architecture and design. Her early geometric reliefs reveal the compositional experimentation of the time. Developed in parallel were various sculptural propositions based on the geometric “personalities” of the sphere, the square and the hexagon, a language that would be reprised in the free-standing sculptures of the 2000s. The selection of pen and pencil drawings dating from the mid-1970s to 2014 point to the importance of drawing for Monir. The drawings also offer a vital link to the early years of exile in New York when she was deprived of her studio and craftsmen following the Islamic Revolution.

141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-026 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-027 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-028 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-029 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-030 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-031 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-032 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-033 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-034 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-035 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-036 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-040 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-041 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-003 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-037 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-045 141026-monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian-048


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