I just couldn’t resist the new pattern by Heidi Bears, the only thing that I worried about was that it’s crochet and I’m not that adept at crochet, but after reading through the pattern thoroughly I made my start.


I started by picking out my yarn, left overs from other projects. The two greens at the top are Yarn Adventures 570 in Olive Green and Acid, and I paired it with Rosarios 4 Merino Land in 02 (off white) and 13 (very light grey/blue) and a 1.5mm crochet hook.


I decided to try the join-as-you-go technique mentioned in the pattern and so only made the pentagons, hexagons and heptagons up to row 4, row 5 being the joining row.


After a couple of hours of joining I’d finished the body. At this point you’re supposed to stuff the toy, but as I did not have enough stuffing at my parents’ place, I decided to continue on joining the motifs and I’d stuff it when I got back home.

IMG_5127 140817-WIP-owl-001

Above the body and head pretty much done except for the last 2 motifs as I needed a larger hole to be able to stuff the body and the head.

Below the start of a wing, which because I was using left over yarn ended up being in two colours. These still need to be finished and then there is a beak and some feet to make up still.



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