TEST KNIT – Somar Mini by Madeleine Nilsson

I’ve been working on several Secret Test Knits which I can’t show off until the pattern is published, but here’s one that I can show. I’m testing two sizes, that’s to say the smaller size I’ve finished, I’m still working on the one for me.

140725-drops cotton light-005

The pattern called for DK yarn and wanting to work from stash, I ended up with some Garnstudio Drops Cotton Light which gave me the gauge I needed for the pattern. I had initially signed up for the 10y size, but ended up doing the 12y size instead, this way the recipient would get a lot more wear out of it.

140726-encontro julho-004

The picture above was after a half day knitting, after dividing for the sleeves it’s a lot faster going.

140803-somar mini-015 140803-somar mini-016 140803-somar mini-017 140803-somar mini-019

As you an see, the recipient was more than happy with her new cardigan, and quite rightly said that it even looked good wearing it back to front. I’m sure it’s going to get plenty of use over the next couple of years.


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