2014 Westknit Summer Shawl KAL – The photoshoot

Last month, I went and spent an afternoon knitting at the beach with a good friend of mine, and towards the end of the afternoon, I asked her to help me do a photoshoot  of the finished shawls from Stephen West’s 2014 KAL.

And here are the results. First up Smooth Move made with Yarn Adventures Sock in the Linen, Smoke and Olive Tree shades with a Winery trim. I would recommend using a larger needle to do the Icord bind-off to make it a bit stretchier.

140713-FO-smooth move-001 140713-FO-smooth move-002 140713-FO-smooth move-005 140713-FO-smooth move-008 140713-FO-smooth move-009


Next up was Lumpy Space using the left over yarn from Smooth Move and some from last year’s Westknit KAL in Chartreuse, Linen (lighter) and Fireplace.

140713-FO-lumpy space-005 140713-FO-lumpy space-006 140713-FO-lumpy space-007

And lastly Vertices Unite using the yarn I won from the Giveaway hosted by Stephen and Penelope Crafts Amsterdam, Madeline Tosh Merino (lightbulb & white wash), Baa Ram Ewe Titus (yorkstone & coal) and Malabrigo Sock (natural)

140713-FO-vertices unite-001 140713-FO-vertices unite-005 140713-FO-vertices unite-006

And finally here’s one of me pretending to be freezing cold and swaddled in all three shawls. Truth be told I wasn’t at all cold, there was quite a strong breeze which helped immensely with creating these fantastic photos.




140713-FO-westknits KAL 2014-006




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