WWKIP Day to Pinhão

Here are the pictures of our trip last Saturday to Pinhão. We had a bit of luck weather wise, as we left Porto with it pouring down with rain, but by the time we got to Pinhão it cleared up, it did try to rain while we were having our picnic, but it cleared up shortly after that. The only thing that didn’t clear up was the wind, we had to seek refuge on the terrace of the cafe by the river.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao002

My Vertices Unite, I was working on section 3 (the black colour at the top)

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao004

Several people were being taught by Joana how to knit during the train ride

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao005

Now I usually take this train up to Marco de Canaveses when I go to my parents’ house, but I’d never gone further up the line, so from here on out it’s views I’d never seen before.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao007

At this point we’re really close to the river, so close in fact that should the river rise even 2-3m (which could happen during the winter months, due to heavy rainfalls) the train can’t run on the tracks, as they’d be under water for sure.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao009 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao011

A couple of the stops, I was too busy knitting to take photos at every stop 🙂

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao013

And finally we arrived at our destination, we crossed the tracks and headed to the picnic area.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao014 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao015

Above, the direction from whence we came. Below, tracks heading to Pocinhas.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao016 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao017 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao019

The front of the station

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao020 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao021

Some swallows decided that the underside of this balcony is a good place to create their nests, there were a whole bunch of them flying around going in and out of the nest.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao022

Our views from the picnic area

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao023 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao024 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao025 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao026

Below, a winebar next to the picnic area where we ate our lunch

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao027 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao029 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao030 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao031 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao032 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao033 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao034 140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao035

And my finished Lumpy Space with the ends still to sew in, but which I ended up wrapping around my neck to protect from the wind and from the sun.

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao039

And progress on my Vertices Unite

140628-WWKIPDay 2014-pinhao040

While at the cafe, I heard two couples speaking Dutch, so I went over there to say hello and ended up having a really nice conversation with these couples that were from Den Haag and Assen. They’d arrived two weeks ago in Lisboa, rented a car and criss-crossing their way up North.


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